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At 2:30 eastern, 1:30 local time, a mass shooting occurred at the Fort Hood army base, the largest American military installation in the world, covering some 15 square miles. Army Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Garver confirmed that the violence erupted at or near the Howze Theatre, next door to the Folgers Soldier Readiness Processing Center contained within a former sports dome at the base, located in Killeen, Texas, some 50 miles from Waco.

Initial reports indicated that seven personnel were dead and that 12 had been wounded. These reports also indicated that one gunman was in custody and that another was being sought.

Later reports said that more than 30 personnel were injured, that the base was in ‘lockdown’ and that the assailant, named as Major Malik Nadal Hassan, a US Army mental health psychologist or psychiatrist, had been shot dead. Two other assailants were arrested and are in custody, according to a briefing by Army Lieutenant General Robert Cone, the post commander.

British press sources state that Major Hassan had walked into the training centre armed with two handguns and had opened fire on fellow military personnel who were having last-minute medical and dental checks before being deployed to Afghanistan – whereupon gunfire erupted around the base as the two accomplices were captured.

The Daily Telegraph says that one of the assailants had holed himself up in a brain injury unit, where he was surrounded by SWAT teams, Four police officers were wounded before he was arrested. 500+ troops were deployed to lock down Fort Hood as helicopters swept overhead.

Lieutenant Commander Cone mouthed for the eager press:

‘It’s been a terrible tragedy. It’s stunning. We are absolutely devastated. The shooter was killed. He was a soldier. We since then have apprehended two additional soldiers who are suspects. There were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter’.

The violence erupted shortly before a graduate ceremony for soldiers was due to start at the base. Enter President Barack Obama with this bromide for public consumption:

“These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk, and at times give, their lives to protect us’.

‘It‘s difficult enough when we lose these brave men and women overseas. It is horrifying when we lose them on American soil’.

Step forward, also, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who pronounced:

‘Our dedicated military personnel have sacrificed so much in service to our country and it sickens me that the men and women of Fort Hood have been subjected to this senseless, random violence’.

Okay, that’s enough. Base commanders and the Pentagon stated that they had no early indication of the motive for the shootings. Note the convenient Islamic description of the now dead assailant.

The shootings were staged in order to cover up what was really happening behind the scenes which was as follows:

(1): George H. W. D. V. D. Bush, the head of THE BOX GANG working with the Clintons, had stored some or all of the stolen/diverted 1933 dollar currency Chinese currency boxes referenced in our reports dated 4th and 5th November 2009 at Fort Hood. These boxes form part of the Settlement negotiated with the Chinese parties, who were immediately double-crossed by the Americans.

(2): We do not know at the time of posting whether George Bush Sr. had flown in to Fort Hood from Germany, but as this base is located close to Crawford and other Bush Crime Family locations, we believe this to be HIGHLY PROBABLE.

(3): Whether Bush Sr. flew into Fort Hood to be joined with the stolen/diverted Chinese-sourced currency boxes, or was accompanying stolen boxes on the plane, is not strictly material, because what we DO KNOW is as follows:

(4): An operation was mounted at Fort Hood to CONFISCATE THE STOLEN CHINESE CURRENCY BOXES FROM BUSH SR., which achieved its objective. The currency boxes, forming part of the Settlement that Adolf Schickelbusch sabotaged with the duplicitous assistance of his agent, Chancellor Angela Merkel [see preceding reports], were retrieved.

(5): It is likely that the shoot-out which occurred for public consumption was a diversionary operation masking a parallel shoot-out involving Bush bodyguards and US military, although we cannot confirm this. Certainly, the 'mainstream' media, as usual, is running the wrong story.

(6): The deployment of 500+ heavily armed troops, and the fact that military helicopters were called in, implies a sizeable operation, which would be make little sense in the context of a shooting such as is described in the media. That does not diminish the nastiness and tragedy of the loss of life as reported: but when this operation was planned, loss of life was factored into the equation.

• It’s called cynically: COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

[Do they CARE that at least seven personnel lost their lives and over 30 were injured in a parallel cover-up operation? That’s like asking whether the sacrifice of over 100 special US operatives who spearheaded the Bush-directed seizure of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad in 2003, all of whom were massacred immediately afterwards so that none of them would survive to report for posterity what actually happened, was an accident. That operation went badly wrong, and was exposed, too: reliable Iraqi eyewitnesses supplied the necessary reports and confirmation].

It is impossible at this juncture to be sure whether the gunfire was part of the main operation, i.e., the whole operation was synchronised, or whether two separate operations were run in parallel. But that is hardly material, given the momentous details and substance of this report.

(7): Separately, we understand that George Bush Sr.’s assets in the Caribbean – ‘his’ money – was seized at the same time, or at least at some stage on 5th November 2009.

(8): Adolf Schickelbusch has also been informed that ‘you are not going to get a penny. You will be paid NOTHING’. [Assuming, that is, that he's still vertical. But that's all we know right now].

This reflects the fact identified earlier, namely that these Germans ALWAYS go too far. Bush Sr. WENT TOO FAR by sabotaging EVEN the carefully nuanced arrangements worked out with the Chinese authorities and parties, and with the other sovereign powers, including the British Monarchical Power. He thought he could carry on carrying on, blind to the fact that IT'S OVER.


NOW. As indicated, we cannot yet confirm that GEORGE BUSH HIMSELF flew into Fort Hood. If he did, it stands to reason, given the above FACTS, which have themselves been CONFIRMED, that George H. W. Bush would have been arrested OR HORIZONTALISED.

We may yet learn that this took place.

All we can do at this stage is to remind you of the phrase ‘Not YET’ in the preceding report.

Was Bush 43 also arrested, horizontalised or all of the above during this showdown?



Who ordered this operation?

Manifestly, it would have been ordered by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who, we have repeatedly been told, has been anxious to complete the Settlements and was known to be fretting under the weight of the general contempt in which he was being held by all ‘in the know’, concerning his apparent inability to get his ARROGANT inferiors to carry out his instructions.

If we take this charitable view, Mr Obama has been systematically sabotaged by the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Timothy Geithner, Mrs Hillary Clinton, and Dr Ben Bernanke.

If this assessment is correct, we would anticipate some high-level dismissals or resignations from the US Government soon, if it turns out that this DECISIVE ACTION has indeed broken the impasse and destabilised the opposition beyond any likelihood of recovery. We shall (soon) see.

More to the point, the President had been placed in an impossible position by the Nazi Fifth Column within the US Intelligence Power owing allegiance to the Box Gang, not least given the horrendous implications for national security arising from the sabotage operation mounted by Bush Sr. and his lackey, Chancellor Frau(d) Merkel. Was she arrested, as ordered by the World Court? Don’t know yet. One would expect the German police to have snubbed the World Court.

• However the TIMING of the operation described above makes Merkel's arrest more FEASIBLE.

• She’s scheduled to hold a triumphant meeting in Berlin next week as the Germans overplay their hand AGAIN, humiliating the British (through a French Cabinet mouthpiece) by lecturing us to the effect that Britain has no choice but to integrate itself, whether it likes it or not, within the Greater German Empire. The British don’t like it. There will be repercussions.

Story’s Third Law reads: ‘Sooner or later, all covers and operations are blown’.

Recently, it would appear that the qualifying ‘sooner or later’ has become redundant.

As the late lamented Sherman Skolnik used to say, bless him: WATCH THIS SPACE.


Hmm.......................who knows??

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My heart and thoughts go out to the loved ones of these innocent victims. May their suffering, and the suffering of all grieving people, be eased by our loving consciousness.
The Greater German Empire... sounds like pie in the sky. So much flux at the moment though, it's like energy is really intense and more cracks are appearing everywhere on the edifice.
..certainly that I didn't even belive Media Cover Story at all.
..and this Alternate story sounds more likely to be the real one.
.........thnx Pleiadian Agenda,gret post bro.Namaste.

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