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This blog posting just kept growing and I thought I would put it in dissusions
Dear Blossom and friends,
How did your New Year start mine started just before midnight my intention for the New Year was to be more connected to spirit and spirit celebrated that intention as I closed my eyes I was greeted by images of the energies I have been feeling, past family members, Angels, Fairies,Masters and Stellar Beings it was quiet a party but more important was my reaction I felt calm as if this is how it should be, this is who we are.
This morning I woke up with a feeling of peace, of a feeling of acceptance of the ALL, I went on saviorsof earth site and came across a posting of the Alien head crop circle some clever person with the use of a computer that has recently been developed,had deceiped what was written on that crop circle.
It is well know on this site of the love I have for FOL. I was the one that started FOL group on the site when some went a bit ‘no show’ crazy we have a lot of groups GFOL, Meditation,Crystal Healing ect.
I am reminded of FOLs Nov.8th channeling …seek answers with in………………….each individual soul is a part of the whole, and this is becoming more widely known.Therefore,we would ask you to think about the possibility that……………………
The following is my reply to the posting,
Hi S.W.L. I have a great love for The federation of light and that will never change, I can see how some would regard them as false prophets after the no show on 14th Oct. especially when I read the above crop circle "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.I have just replied to a discussion on Illuminati and how Arch Angel Lucifer must be of great light to be the catalyst for our growth for indeed WE ARE ALL ONE, this is a game a spiritual exercise.
I had a reptillian eye appear before me once I felt it's dark energy, I sent it love, it disappeared and a being of very bright light appeared, I felt so much love. As the federation of light said WE ARE ALL ONE.They, I believe are complete they are of the knowing that they are one, if we had to experience the pain of broken promise who better then FOL with all their love to be our teachers. It is with grace and gratitude that we accept their assistence for the betterment of our selves and our planet.
Love and light

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Hi Kerrie, Serge,

I understand also your feelings about 14/10/08. I too have taken alot of stick. "Where are the spaceships then?" Everyone was saying this to me and its still mentioned. I felt a hole of emptiness, but it changed me for the better I hope.
Some members of my family are worried about me, my boss thinks alot of what I say may have some truth, but he thinks I'm unstable. My ego wishes obviously, that they had made a big show, not just because it would have prooved me right, but because of the positive changes I believe would have begun. But I think it is ego that was damaged and causes me to pause in nearly everything I do now. I must say at least three or four times a day "No - thats ego - goodbye"

Their loving messages are still a great source of strength. Even if it turned out to be some clever human trick, I think we tricked them, as messages they stand on their merit and have been the originators of some huge changes in this planets awareness.

If we are to become the golden race then we must go forward in love and light(and also golden rays) Respect our individual paths and those of others. Any assistance from higher service to other beings is cordially accepted with much love and joy. I also acknowledge that those on the service to self path also need some love and light.

As Blossom would say - this is my truth

much love

Patrish xxx
Hi Kerrie,

My heating? er its still broken. To make matters worse the fan on my power supply in my computer is not working and to keep it working I have a cold air fan blowing onto it. So things are a little chilly here, but I'm ok - lots of thin layers and plenty of good food.

There are much worse situations to be in, and I am thankful for everything - even the bloomin cold fan, cos without it I would not be on line.

take care, much love

Patrish xxx

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