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Flight Technology - spacecraft based on new plasma reactor technology ~ M.T. Keshe

With this technology we give the reader an insight into the use of the gravitational positioning systems and their use in the flight and space technology of the future.

Motion and lift is created by gravitational positioning and technology behind the development of these reactors goes back to new basic understanding of the laws of physics. The concept of creation of gravity and and Magravs  or so called anti-gravity by these reactors is on the basis of the new understanding of the cooperation, interaction and application of the atomic structure of matters and magnetic fields of the matters upon each other.
For the devlopment of these new reactors, the principle of the behavior of gases and liquids in the environment of the central cores of the planet has been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades by the Foundation. As these are important factors in development of any energy and motion system, which has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, energetic and functional for it to be used for its space technology of the future This being used for power production, gravity, magnetic shielding or systelms for  medical use in the spâce programs of the future.

This technology will create, as its basic function is to create motion, this being horizontal or vertical. A craft in motion equipped with this reactor, will always be in hover mode, protected by a magnetic shield created by its reactor. When looking at the internal system of planets or stars in the universe in possession of PMF (passive magnetic field), which is nearly all of them, they always rotate. To achieve the desired functions of motion in a craft, one cannot think in the forms that man has chosen, where burning fuel creates lift. Planets in the universe do not tank at every fuel station, they do not stand still and they do not have wings to fly.  In the motion created and achieved through operation of the reactor being able to generate PMF, the object is at all times protected by a magnetic field shield. This is what is called the atmosphere of the planets.

In space programs, which this system is primarily designed for, there will be no atmospheric heating and no need for heat shielding tiles for re-entry into any atmospheric conditions. This being due to the fact that PMF shielding will not allow the atmosphere ever to come in touch with the physical body of the craft. The PMF allows the craft to maintain a zero friction principal in the atmospheric conditions. This being due to be ability of the core of the reactor to create magnetic fields which can pass the boundary of the craft to a safe distance away from the craft. The magnetic forces of the craft will be able to interface with the atmospheric magnetic field of the planet, at a distance predetermined by the craft’s generated magnetic power.

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with thanks to bill wood aka brill brockbrader for bringing this technology to our attention...


Iranian Saucer Connection

The critical issue I see is to get verification that his technology is being used in the Iranian flying saucer. We need some sort of official reference, statement, or document directly linking his technology to the craft. I have emailed Keshe a list of questions about his connection to the saucer. The questions I asked are as follows, along with the answers he provided [below, after "A:"] on April 07, 2011 12:46 AM Mountain time:

1) I believe I heard you say in a recent interview there is a video of your reactor producing lift, but it has not been made public. When do you think it might be made pubdoet onthullingenlic?

A: This is the decision of the Iranian government.

2) Is there any reference you can provide that would directly link your technology to the technology used in Iran's flying saucer?

A: We have been Publishing this for two years and I have just returned from Iran in January for 7 day visit, which has been documented on my forum. and we said Iran will show space technology on their own time, ask the Canadian government officials who took all my documents in Toronto from me in the air hijacking, they tell you who and where I was developing In Iran.

3) Have you personally seen Iran's flying saucer? If so, where and in what circumstance?

A: I built the initial system for lift and tested for them 2.5 years ago in Iran. Iran up to then was producing rockets and never even talked about spaceship program.

4) Did you supervise the design, construction, and testing of the saucer? If not, who did and how can we get into contact with them?

5) Can you describe the physical and performance characteristics of Iran's saucer? For example...

- What element does it use to produce plasma?

A: basic elements

- How much lifting force does it produce?

A: This is not relevant in Magravs positioning systems

- What is its range?

A: to any destination, these systems do not have a rang as propulsion system.

- How fast can it fly?

A: speed thousands of times speed of sound in space condition

- Is it easily scalable to a larger size?

A: Your scale is field strength dependent

- Can it travel to Earth orbit or beyond?

A: Plan is for Mars [Iranian Shia belief proscribes landing on the Moon].

- What does it look like?

A: A disk

6) Do you have any photos of the saucer? Would you be willing to share such an image to be featured on PESN?

7) Is there any additional information about Iran's saucer you can provide?

A: Watch the Iranian space release. I reckon the first landing on Earth display will be in Jerusalem as I have explained before and if you understand the political language of Middel East.

Sorry this I could only find it in dutchlanguage :  

thanks for adding more info. that's great trudy! amazing technology which i've not heard of before, from one of the finest scientists and who has clearly chosen to be of service to humanity.....

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