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I guess this is addressed to Brad... but any of the admins that can relay the message as well... the "Flash Ads", recently (credit report ads) (especially the flying numbers Ad) have been slowing down my viewing of SoE drastically and i know its probably a source of income but maybe some changes can be made to fix the problem, i'm sure i'm not the only one with the problem. anything that can be done would be much appreciated! :) and i hope i'm not offending anyone just trying to bring a problem to attention. and if anyone else shares the same problem( or similar), please reply to this post. Thank you :)

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Try a different browser, I've never seen flash ads on this site using firefox.
sounds like you might have some adware or something. I use google chrome, and i have no troubles :)
Well i use firefox... same on my brothers computer, and his doesn't have the lag problems that mine does when flash ads or video is running... although my comp has a better graphics card and more memory than his... it also seems that i cant watch 1080p and sometimes even 720p hd videos on youtube for some reason it gets super laggy and makes my cpu run at 100% so not sure whats really causing the problem. but when trying to look it up it seems a lot of people have that problem and many blame it on flash player problems. But i've done all i can to address that problem so i am stuck at a dead end i suppose. All i know is flash ads and video cause the lag and high cpu usage.

But thanks everybody for your replies :)
Hey sorry, I was just thinking maybe that's why you see the flash ads even. Cause I dont even see them on this site. i see what you mean now though..

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