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First day of the beginning of my new life. My goodbye. (Admins please do NOT delete)

Hi everyone,

I did a lot of thinking yesterday after Brad attacked me for being a member of member of Saviors of Saviors of Earth. This whole week has been really bad for me ever since I called my friend to check up on the two people that said they were going to ascend. Then I found out about SOE being a cult and other stuff. After I posted about it, I started getting lots of hate emails from people. People I loved and respected. Even with all that, I wanted to stay and show everybody that I didn't mean any harm. This place is my family. But yesterday was too much for me and I know that it's time for me to go. My posts are being deleted and even a small blog I wrote about my choice for who I wanted to be admin here was deleted and I got sent a warning.

I have heart problems and yesterday my heart hurt so bad I almost had to go to the hospital. These past two weeks really put a lot of pressure on me so I have to go. I won't delete my account because I think some of my posts might help others and I will check back every now and then, but I won't take part. I will just check emails from you guys. Good news is I don't have to spend $5 everyday to use an internet cafe since I don't have internet at home.

To Brad:

Something has changed on SOE since I first came here. Brad you've changed. You are my mentor and I would follow you to the end of the Earth if you didn't say what you said to me yesterday and the day before. Maybe one day we can be friends like we were. You have to stop doing these wrong things you are doing and then maybe you can become the leader you are meant to be. You can't say terrible things and do terrible things over and over to people and then say you are sorry and expect us to be OK. I did that a lot of times, but these past two weeks, the dead people, you cheating, you saying bad stuff to me, too much my friend. I know you are a good person in your heart and thats why I still love you and want to be your friend when you are back to normal.

To Tony and Upsy Daisy:

SOE would not be what it is without you. You kept the rules when nobody else did. Thank you so much.


I love you all

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Hi Puff,

Please stay and continue to post,

much love

Patrish xxxxxxx
Greetings Rebel Saint.

Those are indeed the salient points of my argument. I thank you for clarifying them.

My posts have not been in defense of anyone but a general call for a return to serenity. Indeed, you appear to have fully grasped the meaning of the post, if not the intent.

Still, I remain hopeful.

Rebel Saint said:
Ullan, while I respect your wisdom, I have to disagree with a few things.

1. "Everyone here is quite capable of working out for themselves what is going on"
No, unfortunately I think most people here have their blinders on. If they really were capable of working it out there would be a general rejection of the root cause of this strife.

2. "sit down together, work it out like adults"
A moot point when the chief party involved has no intention of acting like one. Any attempts to bring it about are censored and labeled as attacks.

If certain people were capable of humility and self reflection, this whole mess would have been passed by now.

Ullan said:
And we are, once more, bathed in drama and see lines drawn in the sand.

No more.

Everyone here is quite capable of working out for themselves what is going on. The endless reposting of logs, blogs, entries and running commentaries is not adding anything of value. Yes, you may exercise your right to free speech, but please consider if doing so will actually resolve a situation, or simply add another side to the conflict.

In short, these things must stop.

For all involved in this conflict: rather than post grand statements, faits accomplis, and melodramatic posts, sit down together, work it out like adults. If you choose to go your separate ways, do so in dignity and silence. If you must post a reason for leaving, for the sake of cohesion please mention 'personal reasons' and leave it at that. Those who want to know because they must know, will be able to get in touch with you.

Those who feel the need to find a side in every conflict: cease the endless rehashing of the same information. This is, in fact, starting to give me a horrible migraine. If you have an opinion on a matter, fantastic. If you feel like adding that opinion to a running thread, please think first if it is going to either change anything, or create a new perspective. Semantics, commentaries, flames, inciting posts and suchlike only serve to prolong unnecessary debates. In cases such as this, there are no 'winners'. All I can see in this thread are a lot of broken hearts.

In short, this is me climbing the barricades for an end to endless, pointless and frustrating infighting, even if you don't want to call it that (see semantics above). At all times, in all things, try to preserve the sanctity of privacy, the serenity of debate, and the dignity of this community and yourself.

And while you are reading this, try to imagine how much frustration it must have taken to get me to write this. Consider that a very bad sign.
Yeah, I wasn't making any statements about who was right or wrong, who said what, or whose feelings got hurt. I was talking about how these things should be handled. These things can all be handled in such a way as to resolve the problems while preserving as much privacy, dignity and comfort for all involved. Writing public posts about it is not the way to do it. These types of things are best handled and moderated in private. When I have a problem with someone I talk to them privately, person to person. If this doesn't work then I get a mediator involved if possible. There are moderators available in this online community for just such as this.

I am not making judgments here about who did what and who is to blame. I am talking about the manner in which it is being handled, which I feel is not being handled professionally and respectfully.

Ok, so, I will now make an appeal. Please if we have something personal, a direct personal complaint (I am not talking about just a disagreement of some sort with another member) can we please take it to a moderator? The way it works is that a moderator takes up the problem and helps you solve it. Putting personal jabs out in the public posts is not constructive. It causes further strife and bad feelings. It resolves nothing. Putting personal jabs in public posts is like spreading the problem instead of solving the problem. To solve a problem you must contain it and "make it smaller" by beginning to solve it amongst the people involved. When you publish something about someone else of a personal nature (so as to make a personal jab at that person publicly) by the very nature of everyone reading this and stewing about it, you "make it bigger" and the whole thing possibly (and actually will very likely) be blown totally out of proportion.

What does a Diplomat do? He goes to talk to two or more parties, usually of opposing views. When this Diplomat goes in to facilitate communication between these members, do you think that the Diplomat would say, "Well, now! Let's see who is to blame here!" and start pointing fingers all over the place? What would happen to the talks if he did that? Do you think this Diplomat would accomplish anything positive? I don't think so. I think he might just start a war doing this.

For years my father was a counselor. He counseled families, individuals and couples. I have learned some things from my dad about handling problems. You have to adopt an attitude of "rising above", of making problems smaller instead of bigger. The smaller the problems get, the easier it is to solve them. If you fester them and spread them out all over the place and make them bigger, they become much harder to solve. Simple is always better. This is what my dad would help people do: make their "problems" simple enough for them to solve. I believe in following this logic every day. I like to simplify instead of complicate.

All I am saying is that I am very uncomfortable when I come and read stuff where people are slamming each other. I know there are others besides me that are uncomfortable with it (the personal attacks).

This is how I live my life. I extend respect and expect some respect in return. I don't think that is too much to ask, is it?

Quote from QLoveNLight:
"With that said Blisseon, Brad did create this site and as such, is seen as a creator by the hundreds who follow him. And if you can't see that as a fact then I implore you to look at the hundreds of posts on SoE of individuals defending him even when the facts clearly show that there can't be a defense to what has been said or done. Furthermore, when you have people following you, whether you want them too or not, and then continue to "teach" the knowledge in which you have gained, does't that make you a role-model of sorts? Just as the student often times looks up to his teacher or mentor? And despite the fact that he states he is not a leader or someone to be followed, he clearly continues to "teach" his knowledge and philosophies. Well, isn't he contradicting himself by saying one thing but then doing another?? Or is this a case of "do as I say, not as I do"? And why wouldn't Brad want to back off from being an admin now that he has tarnished his own reputation on his own site? By staying an admin, in terms of banning and deleting posts, would only serve to further tarnish his self-made image. Why would someone of his persuasion do such a thing?? Well, he wouldn't because that wouldn't serve his purpose, whatever that may be and no, I won't speculate on what I think that may be.

But let's not take our eyes off the ball people. So, let me once again state - the bottom line is that HR was in fact wronged by Brad and that was a proven fact. You speak of "publicly airing dirty laundry" but HR didn't air it, Brad aired it himself. If you don't want it to be in a public forum then don't put it there, plain and simple. And yes, we do make mistakes and as I said in my original post....

"No one is perfect and we are all subjected to being overcome by darkness from time to time, that is what makes us human after all. But, we must move forward past all of this and heal the wounds that these events have caused. Forgive Brad for any wrongs you feel he may have perpetrated because he is your brother."

And I think that at this point I am beating a dead horse so I'll leave it at that....

With love and light,
plz dont leave HR!!

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