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First Contact Now - Important Message

Much is happening right now on our planet. Much change is coming to fruition which is based upon this influx of higher dimensional energy that is creating the foundation for our new fifth dimensional reality that is on the way!

First Contact is a stepping stone towards this new reality. With the Mayan Calendar accurately showing us the upcoming energies that have been evolving our consciousness for centuries, we are approaching the final cycle which will align our consciousness to a universal level. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet has given the Galactic Federation of Light with the help of the Ashtar Command the authority to help with our transition to the fifth dimension by allowing them to plan and orchestrate a First Contact event. But First Contact is more then that. It is also a reunion between us and our space brothers and sisters!

We live in a world that is based upon duality. It exists in not only our third dimensional reality, but in ourselves as well. We live to experience good and bad; Light and dark; Positive and negative; Because by learning both sides of the equation, well that is when you can find the solution. The different parts of any equation are created to be able to learn to the point where once you figure it out, you gain insight into that and find the solution to that equation. Duality is our equation. Ascension...Higher Dimensional Awareness...Becoming Fully Conscious...Understanding Who We Truly Are. These things are its solution. First Contact is one of many tools used to bridge the gap between them.

Humanity is a beautiful thing. It is represented right now through duality perfectly. At times, Humanity can be very violent and hurt one another. At other times, Humanity can be very loving and peaceful and help others. What has recently happened in Haiti and Japan is proof of that. We are starting to understand who we truly are. We are all connected. There is no difference. There never was. The truth of us to this point is about to open itself up for all of us to see and to learn from!

It is time to put more of an effort in educating humanity about what our Spiritual Hierarchy has allowed us to experience in the very near future: First Contact.

I have created a brand new organization. "First Contact Now" is an organization and project dedicated to educating Humanity about the ET First Contact event, among many other things. Anybody is free to join and help out.

My intent is not to advertise, but to make those aware who are interested. If this appears to be an advertisement to anybody whose website this ends up on, then I whole heartedly apologize, and you may take it off your website.

To those who are interested, then goto our website. Join our Yahoo Group. Add us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Volunteer your time to help educate humanity. Speak to us and ask questions. We are all about love, peace, and joy, and creating a higher dimensional community. We are a community of the future. We are Humanity!

Please for those who are interested and wish to help out, you can start out by spreading this message and our website to as many people you know as possible.

Together we can educate the world. Together we can change the world.

Thank you for your time.

Love and Light always,

Commander Adama
-Creator of First Contact Now
-Representative of the Galactic Federation of Light

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Thank you for posting this message! I'd be happy to join your site and get the message out there.In my own way and time.

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