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Many of you are wondering when First Contact will happen.
This morning during my rest, while playing my cosmic consciousness Mantra meditations in the backdrop, I went into deep silent awareness, as I consistantly do every time I rest, this morning was special, as I was able to tap into the consciousness of the Pleadians, the Sirians, the Lyrans and other various groups that are surrounding Earth, impatiently waiting I might add...they informed my higher self that the day/night that world leaders discloser happens, that is when First Contact will happen, no sooner, and definately no's the day/evening of. I know of this to be a fact and I don't speak of matters that I'm not sure of. I know this is going to manifest VERY soon. Prepare to be amazed by the beautiful expierence, from what I envisioned, it's going to be amazingly beautiful and bring everyone on Earth to awe. I literally awoke with tears of joy in my eyes. And also from what my visions have been leading me to believe is that The Ascension is going to be sometime next year, as the time seems to be accelerating quicker. This is GREAT news dear ones. If anyone has had an visions or discussed this with the various group conscious of those mentioned, please send me mail.

Be happy, in joy and in light for we've worked extremely hard.

This will be a time of celebration of our oneness.
Namaste & lots of love from Ascended LightAngel

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The pace is picking up as many people are awakening, fortunately, the internet happens to be the best tool for the masses of humans that are awakening. The ascension is definately going to be before the December 21st, 2012 timeline. Remember that time doesn't actually exist only infinate consciousness.

This is going to be better for you in the long run, many of the predictions of those fearful disasters & terrible Earth changes that people have thought were going to happen actually do not since the timeline is manifesting in a better way. This is GREAT news! The human race is at the point of evolution where they need to shift gears into thinking positive & peaceful as a lot of people are. All the wondrous adventures are in the making, new technologies, people living free, every child of Earth will live abundant and blissfully with the precious beautiful Earth. I am ecstatic for you all. In the oneness now & forever. Namaste dear golden rays.
In love & light always.

Alex said:
I had a dream about this last night, I was sitting out side and all of a sudden hundreds of gigantic ships filled the skies, the dream was so vivid that I thought It was really happening and I didn't realize it was a dream until I woke up.

Also accession in 2010 coincides with my own predictions as to when all this will happen, I won't however release any of the details on this as to the fact that I am quite sure after yesterday's drama that most people aren't ready to hear it.
lol tries to stop steve from breaking his neck, and just jumps in place :).

I can't wait for that day. :)...
Thank you Ascended LightAngel, this information is very promising...
I can't wait as matter of fact today I was gazing at he sky thinking about when are they coming?
Good news to me and just on time also 11: 11 its been appearing every where, every day amazing guys. I do feel the change and very good one too keep positive thinking...
Thank you A.L.A, for those words.

I also think the Ascension is gonna happen a lot sooner, infact I think sooner than 2010.

If you´ve read my post ( about "a planets cleansing process", it will take some time for Earth to go through this process.

And for Earth to be at safe distance from The New Earth (with us on it) by 2012, it has to start moving 2009.. well, that is my theory anyway.

Love and Light to you all.
hmm i dont know. i just got it that its not them in the month of jan :) :) :) :)

Steve Skywalker said:
but how does that figure into the warning about something happening on the 20th/21st, especially Reb's warning from the Collective Consciousness of Nine that "It won't be us" ?
This information is very motivating, and deep inside I still have the hope that one day they will show up to accelerate the awaking of the sceptical ones, that’s my main interest. My biggest dream is that the whole humanity make the shift, even though I know it won be like that.
I have seen them many times on the sky, and I often feel their presence around me, don’t ask me how, because I can’t explained, but I feel them, it’s just I wouldn’t like to be trough another 10-14-08 experience.
About the ascension, it is happening and it’s creating changes all over the world, the people is changing, the days are different, the time is speeding, the sun heats in different way, even the rain is different, when I realize about this changes it was around a year ago, and this awareness happen when the changes become closer, one to another, so it’s quite obvious that started some time before, just think about this, any situation capable to call the attention of a big number of persons it’s one event, and the time between them it’s getting shorter, it will the moment when we can finish assimilating one when another one happen, this create friction, and friction creates energy, and will be the point when the energy will be so constant and high, that suddenly we are going to find ourselves at home, God! What incredible experience to be living this times.
Thank you for you post my dear sister
Love and light to you my brothers and sisters

Do you a link to where you read that please sunbeam, i would be interested in reading and saving that comment on my hard drive.... i am compiling a list of places to save...

many thanks in advance

torz xx
sunbeam said:
Ascended, your vision may be very much correct. I just read where MSNBC correspondent, Rachel Maddows said "off the record" that ships will be decloaking over the DC area in the next few days.

We'll see . . . .
Wonderful if indeed true. Thing is, with this imminent contact stuff, I tend to feel these days that I am in an episode of Lost - exciting, frustrating and just get to the end already - I'm done with the suspense :-)
I'm very excited about first contact! I had the feeling that they would wait until the new leaders were into place before showing themselves and their ships. I can feel them around me, it's definitely energizing to think that our world is on the brink of such a wonderful change.

The caterpillar is finally transforming into a beautiful butterfly. :)
Torz, I'll search for the info and bring back a link.
Torz, here is a link for the information. Scroll down to the bottom. If you are not familar with Mark Huber, he has been channelling for 25+ years.
soon could be another 100 hundred years to them, they have been here for eons, we need to know if it is soon in our time or theirs...

any chance you can be a little more specific, ie, the year will do, no set date

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