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Many of you are wondering when First Contact will happen.
This morning during my rest, while playing my cosmic consciousness Mantra meditations in the backdrop, I went into deep silent awareness, as I consistantly do every time I rest, this morning was special, as I was able to tap into the consciousness of the Pleadians, the Sirians, the Lyrans and other various groups that are surrounding Earth, impatiently waiting I might add...they informed my higher self that the day/night that world leaders discloser happens, that is when First Contact will happen, no sooner, and definately no's the day/evening of. I know of this to be a fact and I don't speak of matters that I'm not sure of. I know this is going to manifest VERY soon. Prepare to be amazed by the beautiful expierence, from what I envisioned, it's going to be amazingly beautiful and bring everyone on Earth to awe. I literally awoke with tears of joy in my eyes. And also from what my visions have been leading me to believe is that The Ascension is going to be sometime next year, as the time seems to be accelerating quicker. This is GREAT news dear ones. If anyone has had an visions or discussed this with the various group conscious of those mentioned, please send me mail.

Be happy, in joy and in light for we've worked extremely hard.

This will be a time of celebration of our oneness.
Namaste & lots of love from Ascended LightAngel

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Many thanks sunbeam........
love for you my sister

torz xxxxx
sunbeam said:
Torz, here is a link for the information. Scroll down to the bottom. If you are not familar with Mark Huber, he has been channelling for 25+ years.
exactly who do you mean by "Lady" I have been talking with a "lady" about this for some time and I would like to know who your talking about maybe they are the same person.
You are so welcome, Torz.

Glad I could help. I'm keeping my eyes to the skies on Inauguration Day.

You never know, do you????
Hey one person predicts they come, one person predicts they don't. It's a win for somebody :P

Steve Atreides said:
Yeah, but who is the 'them' ?
The friendly ones? or just one group of friendly ones?

Reb said:
hmm i dont know. i just got it that its not them in the month of jan :) :) :) :)

Steve Skywalker said:
but how does that figure into the warning about something happening on the 20th/21st, especially Reb's warning from the Collective Consciousness of Nine that "It won't be us" ?

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