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First Contact and Disclosure could be days away, my gut feeling

First Contact and Disclosure could be days away, my gut feeling

I know everyone here is as frustrated as I am. We keep hearing first contact is imminent and days weeks and months go by and nothing big happens like millions of light ships and mother ships showing up in the skies to finally put to rest weather our space brothers exist or not. My gut keeps telling me that soon very soon we all will be blown out of the water, and I have my reasons for believing this to be so. The last months we have been hearing about increased crop circles, and ufo sightings. During the past two weeks we have heard about massive electrical blackouts all across Brazil, I don't know if any of you remember that. Then today I hear on the news about the widespread airline delays cause by a glitch of the FAA'S computer system or so they say. The signs are there people, and thats something big is happening no doubt in my mind. Then recently there was an earthquake in canada, it's happening but some people are not stopping to notice the changes. In conclusion hold your breath, and I would like as many feedback on the topic as possible. Namaste

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Hi Wade.
I totally share feeling as i too believe disclosure is immanent.
Strong sources say that Obama has booked a two hour time slot on November 27th to present the disclosure.
This could be a simple acknowledgment of actual intelligently guided flying objects and ets, but possibly may leave out the juicy stuff.
On the other hand it could be a full contact as well as disclosure, and i feel it possible that Obama may even introduce us to a few friendly et ambassadors. most likely Sirian, Augurian and or pliedian.

Im very very hopeful for this official disclosure at last!

I have a small feeling about sunday, 22/11/2009 (221111) a date of numeric brilliance! i feel it could be possible the time for mass de-cloaking? time as ever, will tell :D

''Ashtar ~ There are meetings tonight North of Alaska with a large portion of the GF members. Final plans are being agreed upon, and arrangements are being made. The news is not covering this leg of the trip. Some members of the Press will be there. This is the beginning of disclosure.

It would not be fair to have one world leader responsible for the News, it might be more fair to reveal it in a place where more than one World Leader has gathered.

If Disclosure occurs with the President of the United States, out of his office, it will fend off any chances of accusations against Mr. Obama. With a large number of World Leaders together, Unity, as One Race, begins as it should, with everyone in it together.

The Time For Peace Is Now. Ashtar ''

.........................................I also think is very likely,cause is about time anyway.Much Love Wade.Namaste.
Disclosure looks very promising to happening sometime soon. Salusa's recent messages are very convincing as well as David Wilcock's inside information. I hope it is true. we'll just have to wait and see...
like i've always said.
it wont happen when we want it to, it will just happen straight out of the blue, i cant wait until it does, its gonna be amazing....
Time is drawing short! Of course, UFO disclosure and First Contact is imminent! :-)

There are also a ton of volunteers souls who are coming to this planet to make this work perfectly. Everyone's evolved so much in awareness in just one year, I think this time, the Earth population is more open to the changes that are at hand. If it weren't for the Secret Government's insane attempts at creating chaos with it's man-made pandemics, chemtrails and vaccinations -- I would never have believed it.

They are so intent on keeping us subdued and in the dark; they have something to hide and man oh man, is the truth going to hit hard when First Contact happens (especially for the ones still stuck in the illusion). That's when we lightworkers come in, we've been waiting for this day for a long time - and we're here to inform, to support, to uplift, to comfort, to calm, to understand and to love.

Whenever First Contact happens, we'll be ready and it's going to be amazing!
I think they will come after disclosure!
Change is happening in many area's, in energies, emotions & feelings. You can't miss it. '

As they say, change is inevitable except from a vending machine.

I have no idea what the next big thing will be but the energies have certainly changed and something is afoot.
I had a dream, and these divine figures told me to speak for the others on this planet they said, beware of change it shall come at a heavy price, but of all change existance is better met in evolution then extinction. They said to speak the words of their prophet and listen to stars.. Not only to live by the sun but to love by the moon.

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