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When you look out at the nights sky over the horizon, you see many things. Not all of which are easy to focus on, if you know what you are looking for. Stars can only be seen if no clouds are present, and if the moon is not too full in the sky, also depending on what time of the year it is, and where you are in the world, your perception may differ depending on the cycle of day you exist in.

Earth revolves around the sun, meaning constant movement makes it difficult to establish a connection to a specific location if viewing the planet from space. Likewise true, is the fact we are all doing the same thing on the surface of the planet as our frequency of motion, the time it takes to move from one place to another shifts. A steady motion means you can build a foundation upon which life can exist in balance and harmony, however any alteration to such movement causes everything to change upon impact. To adjust accordingly, we are forced to embrace what ever our environment has to offer around us, in order for us to shape it, therefore becoming its center piece at all times.

As such, finding direction on Earth is about understanding the visual relationship between where you are, and what you wish to achieve there. For instance, the sun can only be shown to the world at certain times only if no objects in the sky such as clouds, are blocking it. The sun relies on the rotation of the Earth to display itself at different times to every visible surface it can find as the planet revolves around it. The same is true regarding other objects in motion in our lives. If you aren't the object in motion, the motion around you is for ever still. Many problems and their corresponding solutions to such ideas in life, revolve around a lack of a center piece, an object in motion, constant change without altering its state of perception for ideas to flourish and grow into reality. In order for a change to hold, it must be built on the foundation of its living purpose, which is to serve an object in motion. This is how solutions maintain their form, therefore preventing objects in motion to change the structure of what is built around it.

Nature is built on the balance of objects in motion here on Earth. Things change around you if you don't change with them, as change itself is required to maintain your motion in what ever form of vibration feels right to you. Time is one such vibration, held together by the need to move in order to create space for any structure to exist in its own wave length without conflicting with others around it. In a similar way, we as beings incarnated in physical form, must shift with time to create our own as it shifts with us, so we may find peace in constant motion.

There are some who speculate over the meaning of true reality. While some say linear frequency is the reason for motion to be in constant movement, others believe motion itself may be a problem in and of itself which we have to always out run. what we look for in someone, they look for in us. We may not always realize where our feelings are blind to reality apart from our focal point, which seems to always need to be in motion for it to work at all. Direction itself, is linear, however requiring direction to move is not based on a linear perception of reality. What life itself thrives for on Earth, is constant balance. Finding direction to be at peace with, helps us repeat the process through different experiences like a pulse wave. Any changes to the vibration of such a structure, makes everything simply stop. People who feel new to Earth have trouble seeing a solution for this problem, because the entire system which keeps us here, makes us retain the shape of the wave to obtain balance upon it.

Direction itself is based on the perception of awareness. To be aware of who you are and where you are is most important to achieving all your hopes and dreams on Earth.

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