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Over the last 2 years I have felt different energies going through me,They are not all the same frequency my favourite is the love one it is overwelming. The last few months they have become more frequent. I use them to heal self and send them out to others.My life style has change dramaticlly, I have visions and intuitions.(hence Blossoms roses) Recently I went to a medium who said I have Pleiadian energy, while I was there an energy went through me, I resisted it he said to go with it that I was safe, tears ran down my face as I gave in to the energy, I became very light and felt like I was floating, when he started bringing me back, I looked up at a red swirling vortex a being was decending out of it then stopped, I looked next to me and saw a electric blue crystal pyramid, I didn't want to come back more tears. The medium told me I have a job to do on earth and this is what I came here for.He said I have alot of help in the other realms.
Love and light Kerrie

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isnt it great to know why your here no more wondering who you are. light worker exposeing the lies and spreding the truth. ive felt an energy like that befor it is vary intince it made me cry to. we are truly becoming. please read my discussion and tell me what you think i am newage8001 love and light to you
wow congratulations! it must be quite an experience

i went to a clairvoyant who is particularly respected over here. she calculated my natal chart and said im here to do aquarius' work. and she looked very happy after that. LOL

help us with this :)

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