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Feedback from concerned members regarding BLOGS and TAGS

The feedback addressed the following two area's

1 - Blogs

The BLOG (short for Weblog) area at SoE is being filled with posts which by nature belong in their respective group focus area. Follow this link for focus area. This also ensures that all members can easily find content they wish to investigate.

The Blog area by nature should only contain posts of that nature (chronological log of events/entries of which each entry is open to discussion).

2 - TAGS

Please refrain from tagging your posts with TAGS that have no revelance on the content, this is very frustrating for members who search information on a TAG based search. 

In short the feedback addresses each and everyone one of us on a "think of others before yourself" level.

In oneness,


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Thank you for posting this Tony. Anyway this can be highlighted on the main page or mass emailed so no one can say they didnt know about this?

Thanks Tony!!

I have featured it Nonya, for what that is worth ;-)

Your suggestion does intice me to try out the "mail to all members" option :-)


Thanking You Tony: I will be more careful on the tags I add to my postings

Love & Gratitude


Thank you Tony!!!

That's nicely written Tony, I hope my blogs are in the correct place. You can yell at me personally if they aren't. I actually signed onto skype again! :~)
xoxo brenda

Brenada :-x oxoxoxoxoxox just posted two cards yesterday, or was it the day before yesterday? anyway I posted 2 in a "now" moment

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