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We ask above ALL, within ALL of this that is to come ... that you KNOW YOU ARE LOVE.

You are the glorification of LOVE. It is LOVE that shall lead you through triumphantly, for there is NOTHING that can surpass it. There is NOTHING that can defeat it. LOVE shall take you to your new place.

When you KNOW of this in the core of your BEING then indeed this is a time to march onward. A time to BE who you came here to be. LOVE! KNOW IT. LOVE is the answer to every single question you could think to ask. Because LOVE is in everything. Nothing would /could exist if LOVE did not.

For Love is ALL there is and ALL there ever will be.

Blossom: Good morning to you. Lately I have been assessing my position with you, the role I play, and where I stand within it all and why??? Others seem to channell political , economica,l etc information , and you would probably recognise that for me, that would be like trying to download japenese geometrical data to a toddler. so I understand why we do not deal with this ... I was wondering though ... Truly , if you are coming through to offer us wisdom about ourselves and how to simply BE Love ,what more can you say? If we don't understand it now, then will we ever? I feel we now know so much and just need to make sure we ARE of it ... LOVE, I mean.

Federation of Light (FoL): Is it that you would make us redundant dearest lady?

Blossom: Not at all.

FoL: Then what is it you would wish to speak of?

Blossom: That's the thing. There must be a billion things we could know of , and yet , where would we start? Keeping in mind that we have spoken before about allowing you to bring forth knowledge that YOU feel is most appropriate for us.

FoL: And this we have done so far. We would not chose to 'abandon ship' so close to shore. We have travelled well together and our charts tell us that we have accomplished much within our plans of assistance. What is it YOU are requiring Blossom?

Blossom: Ah! Now there's the thing! I really don't know! I don't particularly want to stop our communication, not at all, but I FEEL perhaps we might change course or something. Where are we going with all this?

FoL: Home.

Bossom: Yet we seem so far away .... well, maybe so near and yet so far .... I can only speak for myself of course.

FoL: And that is why we are asking you what YOU want?

Blossom: OK. Something tangible. Something that will give us such a lift. Something that says 'it's ok ground crew ... we haven't deserted you'.We KNOW you haven't . We KNOW so many things now. Yet many of us are frustrated. We ARE doing our best to remain our Truth . We ARE playing our part down here , but we would so like some form of OBVIOUS FULL ON 'HELLO FOLKS' from you. I don't believe with all your technology that you are unable to come up with something that would astound, something that wouldn't be passed off as a weather balloon. I know you can do something spectacular without causing alarm, yet allowing the world to see what is in store, and when you do this, not only would it uplift our souls, but it would uplift the vibration of the planet one huge point on the Richter scale would it not?! It doesn't necessarily have to be your craft in the skies, but surely a spectacular display of something out of this world would be possible ... something for us to 'ooh' and aahh' about?

FoL: Dearest Blossom. You are missing the point.

Blossom: Clearly! In your wisdom ... sock it to me... right between the eyes!

FoL: We are firstly preparing you of planet Earth for what is to come. If one is not ready for the following days then it would be that so much planning would go awry. It is imperative that all is exactly in position at exactly the correct 'turning point'. And it is this turning 'point' that you are missing. We ask of you, you who have chosen to be where you are ... to remain steadfast in your Truth.

Blossom: We are , it's just that what may appear to be one minute to you, is probably one month, one year even for us and therefore, we have moments of feeling as if we are getting nowhere fast.

FoL: And yet your progression is immense. Many of you have driven yourselves on when you felt you had no strength. You ARE on target. You ARE on track. Do you hear these words? Do you acknowledge them? For if you do not, if you consider them to be words without meaning then there would be little point in us continuing.

Blossom: Yes I hear them. I FEEL them . I KNOW them to be Truth in the Divine plan. Yet we have heard them for so long and even though we can say 'Oh Good . Everything is ticketyboo' ... it still seems for many, to be a struggle that never ends.

Lets change my attitude shall we!!!!??? ... OK


Hello my friends, ♫ 'Oh what a beautiful morning ♫ Oh what a beautiful day'!♫ . Right . We are doing so well down here, it is wonderful how we are playing our role so well and progressing so quickly. We are all recognizing the changes going on and although a little uncomfortable at times, we recognize them for what they are , and we do our best to keep on top of it all. How are you doing? What words of wisdom would you care to impart?

FoL: We are and always are doing extremely well. We have no doubts as to the positioning of what it taking place and therefore, there is nothing that stands in our way . We chose to 'chat' with you Blossom in order to sprinkle hope amongst your people. We offer you upliftment for that is our choice to do so. We do not wish to discuss matters with you that are of the political /economical 'bend'(?) as this is not our desire. Indeed as mentioned that is the position for others and we each have our part of the vast plan to fulfill.

Blossom: So what is on the menu for discussion today?

FoL: Discernment.

Blossom: Ok. But have we not spoken of that already?

FoL: Indeed. And yet we are aware that not everyone has taken heed. It is imperative to listen to your heart, FEEL it speaking to you ... does it say to you 'TRUTH' or 'UNTRUTH'? Do this regarding ALL matters. For in these days as the darkness is leaving, there is every possibility that what is seemingly displayed as Truth to the masses ... is more than likely an unTruth. Much that shall occur in your future days and we speak of imminently , will be entrusted to those in power to 'shine the Light' on certain matters. Yet if you do not LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART, you will most certainly be misguided and misled. It is for those who understand what is arising behind the scenes that must remain in strength and take positions of authority. Truth is Truth. It cannot be disguised. And yet we say to you, that when you recognize the display of stories that are about to occur you shall instantly KNOW that the times we have spoken of are upon you.

Blossom: And yet ,are not so many disguising the Truth.

FoL: And yet , is it working? Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth. However much effort is put into trying to make something appear to be what it is not ... it cannot hide from the fact of WHAT IS. These words shall make more sense to you when that which we speak of is taking place.

Blossom: And yet with all respect, why must you speak of what ever it is like that.? Why are you unable to just come out with it ... what ever it is? Just say 'In the days ahead such and such is to occur'.

FoL: We would reply 'we have very strong reasons not to do so'. Have not best laid plans taken a fall in the past for doing this very thing?

Blossom: Mmm! You have a point. I didn't miss that one!

FoL: Be alert dear ones. Much change is to take place (in your time) very soon . And once announcements of a kind that will take you by great surprise are issued , there will be dividings. There will be upheaval and confusion on a grand scale. because what is to be told shall be taken and thrown to the wolves.

Blossom: Sorry, what to you mean by that exactly?

FoL: There will be versions of the Truth announced. This is why we speak as we do. Do not 'take in' as a Truth all that you are led to believe IS Truth ... for it is not. It will be versions of. In your world you have a genuine article and then you have many 'copies' of that article , disguised as the real thing and yet there will be something/somewhere, within/upon that article that will reveal it to be what it Truly is ...a fake ... and yet it may appear so genuine at the onset. Be Aware! All that you have prepared for, all these times when you felt useless and were proceeding so slowly will very soon prove to you that they were indeed very valuable. For it is coming soon when you shall NEED to put into practice your discernment to the maximum of your capability. Do you see now why again we wish to speak of this matter of 'Discernment'?

Yes I do, and I accept what you have said, for as you were giving me these words I felt quite an urgency about them. And interesting because I felt we maybe were talking on a more 'political' level, when to begin today we said we do not do that.

And yet , we feel it necessary to state our case within this particular matter that is to come. It will not be one that shall go unnoticed that is certain. It will not be the case, that if you do not have your news on that day you will miss it , for it shall be spread world wide and be THE TOPIC of conversation everywhere.

Blossom: I am assuming ( and I know one should never do that) that you are talking about 'disclosure'?

FoL. Yet , many are 'assuming' it will be in a certain fashion and we say that it may be of a surprising the way in which it is delivered. And this is why we say to you to 'listen to your Truth'. For the Truth to begin with shall not be presented in the way that would benefit the whole.

Blossom: Oh dear!! And will that eventually be corrected?

FoL: That will depend on how many chose to BE IN THEIR TRUTH. Without doubt it is most favorable that is may easily be corrected. It is not that it cannot be so. BUT THE TRUTH IS .... THE TRUTH. And this is where so many of you will come into your own understanding. A time when you will KNOW your purpose in a way that you have been yearning for. There is to be a mixture of events occurring at the one time ...

Blossom: A great big melting pot!

FoL:And with in it, each one must discover for themselves their hearts Truth. There shall be many, many that jump on board to serve in a way that they had never imagined they could BE. You are being called up to service fellow leaders into THE LIGHT. The ground work is completed ... the training is over ... You have allowed yourselves to come this far for a reason. The very best is yet to come.

We ask above ALL, within ALL of this that is to come ... that you KNOW YOU ARE LOVE. You are the glorification of LOVE. It is LOVE that shall lead you through triumphantly, for there is NOTHING that can surpass it. There is NOTHING that can defeat it. LOVE shall take you to your new place. When you KNOW of this in the core of your BEING then indeed this is a time to march onward. A time to BE who you came here to be. LOVE! KNOW IT. LOVE is the answer to every single question you could think to ask. Because LOVE is in everything. Nothing would /could exist if LOVE did not. For Love is ALL there is and ALL there ever will be.

Blossom: Mmm! Well that was worth hanging on in there for, as at one point I was going to abort the mission for today. What a difference recognition and change of attitude can make ? Speak to you again sometime soon if I may? In Love and thanks.

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild - JAPANESE -FRANÇAIS - DEUTSCH - CHINESE - SPANISH – DUTCH – PORTUGUÊS

Original and translations of the Galactic Messages available on

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Ahhhhh... I just had this idea to use it in my emails and I just had to do it here too, hehehe!
I promise I'll control myself and you'll only see "my stamp" now and again. ;)
p.s.: Hummm...I like the idea of the "Simmy does not like this"...back to CorelPhotoPaint!!! Lol!

Pleiadian Agenda said:
Watch out, Simmy now has a stamp of approval .jpg to be plastered all over SOE. Soon it will take over every blog and forum until the "SIMMY DOES NOT LIKE THIS" stamp takes over all of us.

Haha Simmy, just teasing you baby. :)

Im proud of this guy... =D
Nicklas said:
I take it this way: the subject does not matter, but how it serves you does. It's the same thing with: Life is meaningless, and you give the meaning to it.

And only we can know what serves us the best by listening to the inner and the feelings raising up. If you feel excited and good about the information, then that is most likely an indication that the information you are close with is serving you well. It doesn't matter if it's from Blossom or Clinton or anyone. What matters is what it matters to YOU.

It does not come to who is putting down who. It does not come to who is right or wrong with their information, as there are infinite combinations of right and wrong depending on the perspective that you choose to look at it.

And when this is understood, there is no need to defend your truth anymore,because you know it's true for you, but it does not have to be true for someone else. It's okay. There is no fight anymore. Just simply reflecting from the state that you want to be in will do.
Simone, that's exactly how I feel.
At the end of the day we can only trust ourselves and try to be the best we can be to others and to ourselves. The rest it's in the hands of The Creator and I trust with all my heart He/She will keep our souls safe.

Simone said:
Here they are saying to use our discernment... And yet here in this thread is evidence how we fail so miserably to know the truth of our hearts which is love. At this point, I don't really care who is reptilian and who is not, who is out to get me and who wants to destroy me or who wants to enslave me or who wants to eat me...or whether they come or not. All I know and care about is whether my own actions are of love or not... Whatever anyone else wants to do to me doesn't matter and if they should chose to harm me in any way, i would be more concerned for their soul than for mine. I am beloved and protected by God and nothing can harm my eternal soul. I trust in love and truth prevailing no matter what happens.
That is so right on the money when you said ttat soon soon are politician words I never seen it described as well as that PA .I must say this that another way I have seen the FoL & the GFoL were all in to promoting Obama as working hand in hand with them and how great it was to have a worker of the light taking on this role as the president well you know I whole heartedly believe they were telling everybody that the person they are selling this BS to are people who also believe that you dont have a right to grow your own Organic food or they to believe if a person dont sign up for his healthcare plan they should be fined and put in jail it is very understanding why the GFoL
Pleiadian Agenda said:
Anyone believing the GFOL are of love and light might as well believe a bunch of Saudi Arabians with boxcutters pulled off 9-11.

Laugh at me all you want. People were laughing at me 9 years ago about 9-11 being an inside job. Some people are still laughing. Anyone wants to leave in the GFOL spaceships when they show up, go for it..............that's your destiny. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG on a person's destiny.

I've read hundreds if not thousands of channelings in 20 years. The words "soon soon soon" are politicians words, not the words of love. How many channelers said "oh definitely Ocotber 14th, definitely definitely", then October 14th came and went, and all of a sudden these channeled beings are changing their tune. Just like the weasely politicians.

Now having said that, there are many many channelings that offer positive affirmations. That is a very beautiful thing, and should be endorsed. But stuff like that doesn't have to be channeled. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Christ, Buddha, Ghandi, Ram Dass, a million others who walked this planet have contributed their positive affirmations.
:):):) For those having problem with GFOL, ...This Post below may fit ,to Your side a bit at least .
But I still think, that Something ''Big is Compromissing'' at this Times of Great Energetical Changes of Cosmos. ...Please place Your thoughts on this very ''contraversal'' concept

more important infos about these Big Cosmic Events ( Andromedan Motherships against Draconian Ones):

.....''We, on the contrary, inform you that the “God” that you serve, is not the “Diachronic Ancient of the Days” or “BEING” or “I am that I am”, or in Hebrew: Ja –Ha –Va – HaJah” or “Jahveh” or “JHVH” or “Jehovah”, invariant in time, namely “The Universal Organism” Higher – Supreme (Tauto-Cosmic) God, but you really serve a wanted felon from the forces of our local galaxy, serial murderer criminal bandit and annihilator of Solar Systems and Planetary human races, namely you really serve the Galactic criminal mutineer “Sinis” of the Hellenic Mythology or Mito-logy (Mitos=Ariadne’s clew, see Myth – Mitos of “Theseus against Sinis”) or Sin or Sion-Zion or Sinai or Sino or Jedi or Sedi or Jed or Jeid or Jude or Judas, and his “Archangels”, “Asmodai” – “Metatron” – “Michael” – “Gabriel” and rest, all Dragonians Space Criminals, wanted from the legal Governmental-Federal Galactic forces, and encircled by the Governmental forces inside the “CAGE – TRAP” of the Seven Inner Planets: (1) before Mercury (Vulcan Zone) – (2) Mercury – (3) Venus – (4) Antichthon (Behind Sun) – (5) Earth – (6) Mars – (7) Jupiter, in where they invaded in order to steal the metals – crystals – and raw materials, with flagship the Hybrid Ship “Selene” or “Moon” or “Levanah” and with an astro-fleet of about 120 hyper-motherships, today stationed (from 2002 and after) in the orbit of planet “Jupiter” from where they have been observed by the observatories “Mauna – Kea” of Hawaii – USA. For these observed new (!!!) 120 satellites of “Jupiter”, the hebrewsaxonic “NASA” forbid to the observatories of Hawaii to publish statements, and “NASA” announced falsely that “It is about 120 new natural satellites of Jupiter which arrived there (in only 2 years!!!) originating from other (vague – undetermined) points of our solar system”._ (…)._

From the sewage-like satanic underworld of the Rabbis Hebrew-Mongols, G.H.REES intercepted the information that the above mentioned 120 hyper-ships of Sin – Sion – Zion – pseudoJehovah have been deployed in “Jupiter”, as the most outer defense orbit under the occupation of the Dragonian gang of Space-Bandits-Pirates, in order to defend against the Galactic Federal Forces of hyper-threehundred (360) similar hyper-ships, deployed to the direct outer orbit of Planet Saturn, same wise observed after 2002, by the observatories “Mauna – Kea” Hawaii, and same wise characterized falsely by the hebrewsaxonic “NASA” as “300 new natural satellites of Saturn. Which arrived there (in only 2 years …) originating from other (vague – undetermined) points of our solar system”._ A thing which is naturally impossible, because this would demand naturally, a time period of million years._

The above mentioned “story” of the 120 + 360 “New Natural Satellites” of Planets Jupiter and Saturn, finished with the murders (“Mysterious “Deaths”) of a dozen of “USA” astrophysicists who denied “JPL” (JET PROPULSION LABORATORY) because they stated publically that: “The spectrum analysis of the 120 + 360 above mentioned new satellites of Jupiter and of Saturn proves that their external surface is covered by smooth titanium metal, a thing that forbids for them to be “natural” satellites, and proves that they are artificial gigantic – satellites” of “Lilith” level, which resides in Seleno-Synchronous orbit “SPIN 1”, namely continuously stationed behind the Moon._

Except the lies of “NASA” (=Never a Straight Answer), the hebrewsaxons of “USA”, in order to amplify their -due to panic- dropped morale, already forced to indirectly admit, through their Zionist controlled HOLLYWOOD, the half – truth in the Movie “Science Fiction” Series: “The Empire (of the Federal Galactic Forces) Strikes Back (against the mutineers – rebels: JEDI - JUDE - JUDAS – SIN – SION – ZION – PSEUDOJEHOVAH – PSEUDOBEING, through metallic “War Planets” or “metallic Death Stars”)._ (Director: George Lucas)

In the above mentioned movies, the soldiers of the “Evil Striking Back Galactic Empire” are presented as “Awful Monsters with metallic armors”, and the “Good JEDI – SEDI (of the Hebrew’s agent Dimosthenis Liakopoulos) Dragonians: Chinese – Hebrews – Saxons – and rest Mongols, are presented as “likeable human revolutionaries” who at the end are exploding with various techniques the “Empire’s Death Stars”, and full of joy … are sexually intercoursing all together: whites – blacks – yellows – and Mongols, according to the will of JEDI about bastard intermarriage planetary gangbang, with purpose the break-up and the assimilation of the original pure-blooded races, original residents of the Planet. (White + Black race)

Already, before the arrival of the “300+” attacking “War Planets” in the orbit of Planet Saturn from 2001 and afterwards, from 9.600 B.MH.C until 2001, namely continuously for 11.600 years, the space invaders piratical bandits of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi are trapped inside the Seven Inner Planets [ See confession of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – in “John’s Revelation IB’ 12:4” about that “The Zeus – Devil – Dragon is dragging with his tail the third of the stars – local planets”, namely he exercises domination over the Four External Planets : Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – Pluto. (See same confession in “John’s Revelation” that the Satan = Gainsayer of Sin – Sion – Zion – PseudoJehovah is living – have as his HQ’s – Pergamon, in where it was founded the altar of the maximum sanctum of Zeus, now re-located to the Berlin museum) ] in a situation of panic and weakness of exodus from our solar system in which they entered in order to annihilate and steal, namely in a “HELL” of War Quarantine and Encirclement, - WITHOUT “PARADISE”._

From 2001 and afterwards, after the arrival of the main attacking body of the Galactic Federal Forces of the “300+” Metallic War Planets in the orbit of planet Saturn, this “HELL” of Quarantine and Lethal Encirclement against the Dragonians inside the sac of the Seven Inner Planets became … multiple times “HOTTER” and Lethal - WITHOUT “PARADISE”._''

Some Of My Responses:

...Comment by Besimi on September 2, 2010 at 3:47am
Discernment Highly advised on these infos !
-We know that Wars and Suffering never stoped on Earth for millenias. If we were worshiping ''Right Gods'' these would never happen, ..but to this day we still worship blindly.
Time to know the truth and to question everything,everyone.
The instigators of all these Wars,Genocids have to be recognized,stoped, ignored and put out of our lives and minds once for all.
.....................sweet love to All brothers/sisters of Humanity. Namaste.

Comment by Besimi ,September 2...
There are many truths,to be found at G.H.REES ,wich will help You connect many dots missing.
...yet they sweep ,large groups of people with the same dust-pan :):):),and You should only pick up,those important truths for you.
* So more discer...nment is advised here,as these informations can shake your inner most beliefs and all what you hold so dear, ...if not enough informed from many other sources to be able to pick infos right and use it for betterment of All Humanity. (and not ,to divide groups).
*--- G.H.REES (Grop of Hellenic RE-EStablishment) claim that,few races (like black and whites, and some others among them) are original or long time existing races on earth.
But many other races ,are genetical hybrids made by Draconians,during these 13,000 years of their reign. ...and many to these days still have allegiance to those Drakonian Rulers,and are working for enslavement of all Humanity.---*

Well ! this is actually true, but today after so long time of inter-racial breedings , through volunteer inter-marriages or through rapes or by genetical hybridizations we came to be just as we look like today,and We have to accept eachother as brothers and sisters, and live happily togather in the New Golden Age of Aquarius .
* If We Still Need to Group People today, than We can Group them in:
1- Those who want to live happily,free and equally togather ..and
2- those who want to enslave the others.
............... but noway,divisions on racial,nationallity,color or things like that. So much love to All,Humanity :):):).Namaste.
Comment by Besimi on September 2, 2010 at 3:44am
The only thing for sure,to get us out of this mess is Our Uniting in love for eachother ,as brothers/sisters of All Humanity.

...discern wisely and question everything . Much love.

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