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Greetings everyone,

The times when i do the meditation sessions at a global scale, I had felt that somekind of brilliant light want to "absorb me" inside. I am a bit unconfortable with that because i don`t know if this is normal during meditation or if only happen to me. I would appreciate any comments of you.

Love and Light


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if you want it to, you will allow it to 'absorb you'
it will respect your deepest wishes
Yeah i too have had that light rushing sensation. Im not certain what it actually is but i think its energy flowing into you throught your chakras which open up as you meditate.
When i meditated yesterday at 11pm, i felt a huge serge that lasted for about 1miniute. i think this surge came at 11:11!

Dear Krono.

Meditation is a deeply personal matter. What happens during meditation is down to the individual, and so actual visions or manifestations can vary from person to person.

What is important is that you maintain your mental discipline throughout, and let happen what happens. The ultimate goal, if there can be said to be such a thing, is to be in a space of thoughtlessness, so much that you are unaware of time passing, or anything going on around you.

And try to keep up this state while you are /not/ meditating as well. It might surprise you how much clearer the world seems when your brain is not constantly bombarding you with thoughts.
Thanks for your messages. I will Relax and take a deep breath while i am doing it.

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