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For the past month,  I have felt the uncomfortable thought of there being a huge evacuation and swooping the people of Southern USA into fema camps.  It only makes sense to me that what better way to get huge amounts of people into the fema camps is to make the people think it was for their own good, and they would freely walk in.  How easy would that be. 
I understand how paranoid this thinking is, and it has a glow of conspiracy theorist to it.  But it is a thought that projected itself to me, I observed it, and am passing it on.  AND the reason I pass this on once again is because of what I read on Kerry Cassidy's Blog for June 3rd.

I also have some theories of how this story unfolds, but they are just theories.  In the message sent to Kerrie, the last sentence stands out to me, "Just don't go".  This is what I had said as well.  Try to find your own way to safety without them. 

June 3rd., 2010    Kerry Cassidy

Evacuation planned for Tampa Bay, Florida?

It's not completely clear yet but the following items are coming through from sources:

1. News articles on possible evacuation of Tampa Bay (plans) - This is interesting since before the spill, someone sent me google maps views of UN vans sitting on a hidden airstrip in Florida... rows and rows of white vans just sitting there.... maybe 4000. What did they know and when did they know it?

2. Just received this:   from a source UNCONFIRMED.:   [..."via ________ a mate: I listened to a Louisiana radio broadcast this morning, with professional service personnel and they were saying that several, police, and home guard had resigned packed up their families and headed north as they had received planning instructions that on a date between the 15th and 20th of June there are mass evacuations of all ... UN people transporter vehicles in total 100's of thousands, I've seen the google sat shots it's real. Just don't go."] --- Unconfirmed.

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wow thats a pretty crazy article, a bit scary sounding... that oil volcano! they mention. sounds nothing like the oil "spill" i've been hearing about even though i have recently been hearing about it being worse than i thought... i still never heard "oil volcano"! and yeah this info is from a month ago, with an upwards of 210,000 gallons leaking per day how bad are the damages now and what about FEMA still?
ok so i read a few articles to catch up on the oil spill news and i was wrong it was over 2.1 million gallons a day being spewed into the ocean... and that was just a few days ago.
This is a download link for the mp3 interview with James Fox

and remember this video look at the fear this man has, he know something that he not allowed to tell the public. The man said he was scared.

These came from National Geographic, the only ones who have satelite photos of the spill.
the most recent

Deepest Volcanic Sea Vents Found; "Like Another World"
Adapted to extreme heat, darkness, and lack of oxygen, the creatures dwelling at the newfound volcanic vents may be akin to Earth's earliest life-forms or even, some speculate, indicative of what life might be like on other planets. But the team is keeping details about the creatures a mystery, at least until they've been thoroughly studied.

By conventional standards, life shouldn't exist at the vents. Everywhere else on Earth, organisms are dependent—in many cases indirectly—on sunlight for energy. But the vents are utterly dark.

And while the surrounding seas are only a few degrees above freezing, water surging from smokers can be as hot as 760°F (400°C) and is loaded with hydrogen sulfide, toxic to most species. Also, the water pressure is such that roughly the weight of a large car is borne by each individual square inch of surface area.

In the absence of sunlight, for example, organisms at the smokers produce energy not by photosynthesis but via chemosynthesis, using chemicals pouring out of the Earth's interior. And some vent microbes need no oxygen, which, like sunlight, was once considered a prerequisite for life.

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