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Hey, does any of you perhaps have info on extraterrestials (I just can't help that I find the word alien a bit offensive...what the hell, maybe I am one myself!) that come from the Eridanus constellation or Tau Cetians? I have seen the same number over and over recently, 15:32 this was, and as from the moment I realised that I have seen this hour every day for almost a week now, the 11:11 started to show everywhere (cars, magazines, clock,....). So I googled 1532 and my eye fell straight to the Eridanus constellation (and it wasn't on top). So either I am having concersation with ETs from that region (because I start to hear voices in my head - hope no shrink is attending this forum right now LOL) or my soul has got something to do with it, or they are simply monitoring me. I haven't managed to find out yet... but I am eager to learn more on ET races from that "region". The Tau cetians are said to be linked to that, and fortunately they are benevolent ;). But I don't seem to find that much of info. So any help is welcome!! Thanks in advance!!!xxx

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