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Etheric Archon Grid -Jan.3.2013 ...Delaying The Event.

Etheric Archon Grid

After the successful opening of the Portal on December 21st, the etheric Archon grid is the main factor delaying the Event. If the Event was triggered, the etheric Archons would influence everyone involved: the surface Light forces carrying out the Event, the general population as well as the Cabal and all this would turn the Event into a disaster. Etheric Archon grid must be removed to a great extent for the Event to happen. For the Light forces to be more successful in removing the etheric Archon grid, more awareness of its existence is needed among the general population. Etheric Archon grid is present in a thin layer that extends 8.6 miles upwards into the sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 8.6 miles downwards from the surface profile into the Earth's crust. The backbone of the etheric Archon grid is a network of etheric hyperdimensional black hole wormholes which contain billions upon billions of reptilian and amoeba-like entities. When the Light from the Galactic central sun hits the wormholes, they cough up those entities who in turn begin to attack any Light beings they can find, those in incarnation and those on the non-physical planes. This is the reason of energy attacks that many lightworkers and light warriors are experiencing. The non-physical Light forces can remove the released negative entities after some time and teleport them into the Galactic central sun, but until then usually some damage is done already. Again, if more awareness is present about what is really going on, the Light forces will be more effective in protecting us and removing those negative entities. The etheric Archon grid is controlled by a very small group of etheric Archons who give their orders to millions of etheric Draconians (sector commanders), those to billions of reptilians (warriors) and those to amoebas (semi-conscious elemental beings that just obey orders without questioning). The Archons control the grid with advanced etheric technology. The whole etheric plane within the 17.2 mile layer controlled by the Archons is permeated with strong electromagnetic field chambers that can distort space-time structure according to the program of the etheric mainframe computer program which directs the flow of etheric energies worldwide in a way that controls humanity the most. These chambers detect all positive thoughts and emotions and if these are too powerful, the chambers send a signal to the etheric mainframe computer which then tightens the grid of distorted electromagnetic field around the person experiencing positivity, effectively shutting it down. If this is not enough, it activates additional ELF chambers with a low frequency infrasound hum that suppresses the person, with additional electric pulses sent into the solar plexus chakra to shortcircuit the kundalini energy, shutting it down. This is sometimes combined with strong electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person sleepy or almost drugged. Along with that, strong negative thoughtforms are projected, constantly bombarding the mind of the person. Apart from all that, every person in incarnation has an energy amoeba parasite attached to the solar plexus area, which tries to control the emotional life of that person. It also connects with amoeba parasites in other persons, orchestrating conflicts. Etheric Archons transmit data from the etheric mainframe computer into the physical Black Box which is in possession of one of the main Italian black nobility families and is connected with the physical mainframe computer of the Cabal (»the Beast«) and then linked to mainframe computers inside NSA. Although the Light forces have managed to put a computer virus into the Black Box, this virus has not been as successful as we have hoped. Etheric Archons are very allergic to a few things. First to the energy of Love, especially to Love between a man and a woman. When they see a happy couple, they want to destroy the Love between them, because that Love gives the power to the non-physical Light forces to remove the etheric Archons and their minions. Second, they are allergic to healthy sexual energy. They suppress this energy in the human population, and when they are not successful in suppressing it, they pervert it. Sexual energy is the life force itself and when they succeed in suppressing it, they get a sheeple population on the surface of the planet that can easily be controlled. Third, they are allergic to energies of positive ET civilizations and energies of the Ascended Masters. They try to suppress, distort and manipulate these energies whenever possible. Etheric Archon grid is present around this planet for the last 26,000 years and was greatly reinforced during Congo Archon invasion in 1996 when it was strengthened by many reptilian entities from our Galaxy and from the Andromeda galaxy as well. In late 1995, Archons became afraid that the Galactic Confederation will make real contact with the surface population of this planet and they reinforced the grid to prevent that. Most of those reinforcements have already been cleared away into the Galactic central sun and there are special plans created by the Light forces that I am not yet allowed to speak about, for those reptilians remaining. I am not describing all this to frighten you, but to bring awareness into a situation that is happening to many people right now so that we can transform it. Goddes Vortex technology, combined with our awareness, will dissolve the etheric Archon grid. I will dedicate a separate blog post to the Goddess Vortex technology, describing it in detail. I have recieved instructions to create something called the Archon Patrol. It will be a facebook group where members will report Archons' influence and energy attacks upon them and other members of the group will send them healing and support. This is how we will maintain the awareness of the situation. Hereby I am asking the right person to step forward to create and moderate the Archon Patrol facebook group and I will give him/her further instructions. Apart from that, I am also asking people with advanced expertise in healing of post-traumatic stress, in soul retrieval, in energy protection and in exorcism (negative entity removal) to contact me at, detailing their area and level of expertise. We are creating a core group team to finaly start dealing with the situation. The Pleiadians have asked me not to release the Ascension plan until the etheric Archon situation is properly adressed. I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyway, Victory of the Light!

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Comment by anastasios 20 hours ago

I HAVE that informations,about Etheric Archon Grid..
The only factor now prevention is the Grid Event Omega (Omega Grid).
The Grid Omega is a small group of individuals within the Archons black noble families in Italy who have access to weapons through biochemical Jesuit controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) handling negative people in the military around the world who have access to biochemically weapons, including chemical weapons is the most dangerous: Leading 'Lord of the physical plane, which belongs to the family Pallavicini according to some unconfirmed sources, has the situation under control through a special technology called Black Box.
The Black Box is so named because it looks physically like a small box in black. It's actually a chamber dimensions translates information gathered from the ether spy network of Lords in physical computer data stored on the hard drive attached to the black box of the chamber dimensions and can be connected to a large central computer for data analysis and evaluation .
The ethereal Archon spy network consists of a network of etheric generators of electromagnetic waves that can detect any increase once the Light in the etheric plane. If the Light rises above a certain threshold, which would of course be passed in the case of any direct physical intervention of the Galactic Confederation, the black box will send a notice to the premier natural Lord will immediately trigger the biochemical weapons.
The Black Box technology has been in use for a long time, effectively preventing the Galactic Confederation to stop the evil pentagram Jesuit (Jesuits) holocaust concentration camps during the Second World War. If the Federation had intervened at that time, the Cabal would call negative alien races that would virtually eliminate humanity from the planet's surface in return. All these negative alien races have already been cleaned or have passed on the bright side, so you do not have to worry about them.
The same technology was used after the war to prevent the Galactic Confederation of stopping the activities of Cabal for programming the mind Monarch.
The non-physical part of the mesh Omega is the Lords who control the etheric spy network. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine. They are the ones who have ordered the distribution of programming the mind to non existence of extraterrestrial life and the inability to travel beyond the isolation of the Earth. It is the reason why the population of the area has not yet discovered how to touch the stars. It is they who have pushed many people into a corner, without having the ability to have a happy life.
Using non-physical technology to keep the illusion that nothing will ever change. Is violently in love, especially when the love between a man and a woman, because the energy that love effectively dissolves quarantine. Through this love, a vortex is created and the goddess creates a rift in their Matrix programming.
The Grid Omega wants to prevent the opening of the gate on Dec. 21. For this reason, they have launched a series of attacks by non-physical technology and the non-physical reptilians minions for basic Warriors of Light on the planet surface. The attacks began on November 25 and is ongoing. Also threatened with chemical weapons, fearing that the December 21 can cause the Event and want to prevent this.
When the network Omega has taken care of the Event will occur. I do not know yet when that will be. I will report on the situation as it unfolds.
Anyway, the chart chronokymatos for December suggests very interesting times ahead...Thanks,for the beautifull post,my friend Adelin..


For those who still can't believe these dark entities or are in doubt, ...I can tell You this :
They Are as Real as You do ! period.
I have seen them since childhood (from time to time) ,especially these amoeba/embryo/dark orbs/fliers.
Last time I saw them again (or I was visited),was on the fall of 2011. One tall reptilian and two dark orbs were next to my bed . I saw them clearly for few seconds and they started to dissappear in front of my eyes. ...long time before I was afraid of them,but I'm Not anymore. ...when your Light Quotient rises they rush to ''work'' on You desperately.
....I think their time is up soon,and they know it.

Well the story is continue.. no ascension because the archons have stopped it.. REALLY !!!   ... sigh 

Sorry to say this but... WTF!!!!??? this is getting ridiculous... no ascension because the archons have stopped it, give me a break... what about the we're ready stuff/this is aready happening/ nothing can stop this from happen????

but i can honestly say that i am not surprised by these changes in attitude, it was expected after what happened, in other words nothing looool

Nothing Rhymed

i got attacked this morning :( red sparks. i asked for help, but still woke up this morning very sleepy

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