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Equality is a word that is very important. It tells the story of the true sharing between everyone that leads to unity. It's the experience of being equal to everything within creation. This is a concept that too few people truly utilize in daily life.

People see themselves through illusion and ego as being either better then or unworthy then those they come in contact with. This only occurs when your not living from your center. When you live within the unity that is true unconditional love, then you feel and experience the equality between all things upon the planet.

If we can not embrace each other in love and total equality then we are still within illusion and have become stagnant within our journey. Unconditional love passes no judgments and places no conditions on being exchanged with each other. Living from the heart in complete love and within full consciousness allows us to embrace each other as total equals. We see not anothers illusions nor faults, all we experience meeting is the brilliant beings of light and love we really are shining through. When we are open and full of the unconditional love we no longer see illusion, faults or weaknesses, all we see is the true essence of everything within creation and experience the unity and connection to all things.

This is how we can be the example! If we can open ourselves to embrace each other as equals then they in turn will run with the example and follow it. It is the whisper in the crowd effect. If you are the quiet example and allow your actions (the way you treat others) to be the example then you no longer have a need for words to help anothers growth.

Embrace the concept of peace and patience. Remind yourself that each person is going through their own process. Do not attempt to take it on, and don't try and call them out on it. Provide Unconditional love and experience to help another. If someone become agitated then take a step back and reassess the way you are approaching them. True productive communication occurs without arguments. If someone can not understand what you are saying it's a sign for you. It means it's time to re-evaluate your method of approach. We must strive to reach another on the level that they are on.
Otherwise there is no effective communication and you are talking over other's heads and not accomplishing anything but chaos.

Indigo's, Crystals and Starseeds are the way showers, we walk the path first. We go through the transformation into full consciousness to help show others that the process does work and shed light onto the paths for others whom are walking it. We are all going to the same destination, so why not respect other and see them as our equals when our paths cross? See the true brilliant beings that we really are and address them as your equals. This sets the example and the ripple effect will move this small action outward.

*I speak these words because this is an understanding I've just come to. I know recently I have not been doing this. I allowed myself to be swept away in the drama and chaos that has broken out across this community. Yet, every experience teaches us and a higher level of truth shines through when you acknowledge each event. When you learn to forgive yourself you reach the realization of why something has to occur. Each experience we go through in our life is meant to teach us and allow for our growth. Can we take our truths and live them? Can we practice what we preach? As we are able to do this more and more we are then able to raise above duality into unity. We move out of the darkness and into the light awakening from our slumber and into the love we really are. Embrace these experiences for each one moves us a step closer to reaching full consciousness and our return to unity and love.

Love, Truth and Light,

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Your exactly right about that. It so important to practice what we preach!

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