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Enlightenment seems to be something many search for but what exactly is it and is it the same for everyone?

How do we know when we've found it, is it like an electric light bulb moment that you just know or is it a slow journey that you eventually arrive at?

To me enlightenment is the connection with our inner being that is totally at peace and full of absolute love and joy. For me its not a superhuman accomplishment, it is something we can all reach. It is a feeling of oneness and to not feel seperated from our divine creator.

Ive had moments in meditation of great clarity and a connection with universal love and joy but is this enligtenment? Is is enligtenment or just a moment of hightened awarness?

Can we even hold onto this awarness in our fast busy world? Ive had days when Ive not even been meditating but still felt a total connection to something within me, an inner light or force, but this will fade eventually into the background to resurface in quiter moments.

If enlightenment is achieved is it possible to allow it to co exist with our self that has to deal with the pressures of life in the 21st century?

So what is enlightenment to you, have you achieved it and if so how did you achieve it?

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There's a saying, "Before enlightenment carry water and chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water and chop wood."
life is life afterall... with a dash more consciousness in the experience :)

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