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I was wondering how many of you are experiencing unique electrical oddites...for example. Is anyone seeing light bulbs flicker when you are around them?? Hearing buzzes when you stand next to the radio and it buzzes while you are next to it and goes away once you are away from it? This has been happening to me for several months now and I am sure there are others out there who are experiencing the same or similiar effects. Thanks..

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Electrical oddities? Let's see...

In the last two months, I've blown up (literally) about a dozen lightbulbs just by turning on the light. Radios refuse to work when I stand near them, or refuse to work as soon as I leave the vicinity (depending on the radio). When I go into work and sit somewhere for an hour, the lights start turning on and off inexplicably. But all these things have been happening for either months or years, here's a new one however: no matter what I try, I always set off a metal detector. So far, security at work has been unable to explain why, seeing how they never find anything even the slightest bit metallic on me. By now they stopped laughing at it and are seriously considering that I may be hiding something from them. So far I've been able to laugh it away by saying I have a 'magnetic personality' but this may start causing problems soon.

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