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date time both ears-left ear-right ear-times there are none how lomg they last I truly believe their is a lot more going on here than we realize and if we could volunteer these happenings surounding the ear tone mystery we may be able to work together putting together a accurate reason for this phenomona

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Good idea. I just started keeping one too. Putting our data togeather and discussing them would make a difference.
So OK I'm up for it. Do you ever use the ventrillo voice server, Jim or Patricia? I started getting back on there some. It has text chat too.
Mine started about 10 am, very hi pitch tone, in both eare .I have noticed if I grit down on my teeth I can change tone just temporarily ,it is a very noticable tone but nothing I cant deal with I know its there when I think about it .sounds crazy but its not..
Here is a interesting video on ear tones I do not know where he got his info from
Great site I learned a few things there

Simone said: They could be a precurser to earthquakes
well i have been getting allot of high pitch noises in my ears this month.. most in the right ear. I dont know what it means but in my family they say that if your ears buzz then that indicates some one is thinking or talking about you. I usually dont get them when thinking about soccer :P LOL even though I do play soccer .. but its more a random thing.
yes it would allow comparisons another good idea is to find out where the closest cell tower is to your suroundings .I wasnt going to say anything but ever since I put this out on SoE LOG REPORTER I have had no tone activity except I can activate the tone as long as I grit down on my teeth but as soon as I stop the tone stops
I know on my previous tone experience was way to much or often to be earthquake otherwise we there would have been quakes every damn day lol
tone in both ears resumed today it was around 08:00 am when I noticed it its not as high this time as it has been in the past
@ 1:57
"ringing-in-ear" symptom possibly one of many effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)......?

Been hearing extra low rumbles at different times past few weeks. Not thunder. Been on clear days. One was wenesday and 9:58 am CST. I heard one today, dont rember the time but close to noon. Still getting multiple osilating high frequency tones in both ears often. I havent had time to keep a good log. Lots of crazy stuff going on my life right now.
Excellent video this is some awareness everybody should know about

@ 1:57
"ringing-in-ear" symptom possibly one of many effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)......?

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