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date time both ears-left ear-right ear-times there are none how lomg they last I truly believe their is a lot more going on here than we realize and if we could volunteer these happenings surounding the ear tone mystery we may be able to work together putting together a accurate reason for this phenomona

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I know that sometimes when I meditate I try to listen for the high pitch ringing. I have not experiences willful pitch altering or anything. I think of it more like the sound is always there, our brains filter it out in lieu of maybe more seemingly important, more obviously physical sounds...

Tshoeva said:
Ok, something strange, last night around 11pm i got a very high tone in my right ear, which then snapped and i was getting it in both ears, well i was bored so i was stuffing around with energy and my chakras and whatnot, and i seem to be able to change the actual pitch of the ringing if i try hard enough.. has anyone else had this? To hold it at the pitch took quite considerable amount of effort, so i focused my energies else ware, but it totally took me by surprise.
This may shed some light on some of the sounds we are hearing.

"Auditory Responses to Pulsed Radiofrequency Energy"

I found something intresting at one of the links on Jose's blog,
yesterday evening around 8 pm( Hawaii time), I was commenting about someone at work, it wasn't super friendly toward them and I was made a ware of a high pitch tone in my left ear. I stopped talking for a moment to listen for anything else, but it faded quickly. gyi...
Hello, friends...I just popped in, and was reading these posts about the "ear-tones"...last week, I heard a high-pitched tone (like a sort of squealing...kinda like a dog whistle)sound...lasted about 10 seconds. Now, I've had them before, but didn't pay much attention, but it's always the right ear. I read that the U.S. gov't has some sort of "brain-scrambling" device...anyone else heard of that? I agree that we need to keep informed about in numbers, right?
6:09pm hawaii tim, right ear, sharp very high pitched tone lasted only a second or two. I was watching the jason martell vid from anglo-saxon-mission blogpost
that link. The tone apeared when i was at about 7:04into that video.
2:35am pst. ear ring lasted a few seconds... happened right as i sat down and started the internet to log on here hehe...
mine is constant and has been for about 3 years
Thanks Andy and everyone else paticipating on this issue we all seam to have in common My own experience is like yours Andy its range varies all the time changing like someone changing a tuner on a radio hi lo inbetween and in both ears for about the last three to four years ,after a while you dont notice it unless you conentrate on it or think about it I know if I grit down on my teeth I can change its pitch temporarly .-----------Andy (UK) said:
mine is constant and has been for about 3 years
last night something significant happened before I went to bed and I only just now remembered it. For one second I heard the shrill note of the "white room" (the white light experience). So much so that by the time it registered in my conscious mind that I was going there again, I let go - tuned out it was only a flash. This is a loud high pitched tone that envelops your attention until you arrive, idk where but yeah... that note is memorable. Its like the sound of silence or even higher.
It did shut down and start right back up to full time both ears I was mowing grass on a riding mower I was wearing ear protection muffs .Tomorrow I will freak the neighbors out by going over the same area to see if mabe it was the exact spot that made this stop and restart occur I no they were laying out a batrrage of chemtrails at the time to
I just started getting tones of differant pitch both ears low hi steady for a moment then fluctuate definately different Not at all normal4:50 am
Last night at 10:22am I got one, right ear for a second or two until it faded. I listened for more but it was gone. I was pulling out of the parking garage at my house.

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