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AUG 15TH 2010



Sunday morning. All well in my little world. How about yours?


All is extremely calm in the place that we are residing at this juncture.


And where might that be?You would relate to it as the heavens.


I know it well. It’s just round the corner from where I live! My energy is high this morning even though I had very little sleep. My mind seems to be on the alert in the early hours and I am experiencing some profound inspirations. When I do finally shut down from this world I get busy all over again in my dream state.


The energy, as many of you are aware has picked up immensely in the period of your last week in your time. It is indeed intense and yet know it is here to serve you. Your emotional well Being is full of emotion! We consider the thoughts of turmoil some may be paying attention to, as simply a reminder of the unnecessary usage of such mind twisters, and may we softly suggest that all that is brought to the attention in the forefront of your brains images … that quite clearly are of distress ... should immediately be discarded and replaced with thoughts of the wonderful human Beings that you are ! And remind yourselves too of the purpose in which you are upon this planet.

We feel it a little insulting perhaps to continue repeating the same message over and over. We do not consider you of little intelligence. Perhaps it is that many of you have a hard time KNOWING of the existence of that which we speak?Do you mean of your vessels etc?No we do not dear lady. We mean of the necessary implanting of rose coloured thoughts and images into the forefront of your minds. Those thoughts of pure Love that channel down from the Highest part of all that is good. Those surges of passion when all in your heart simply KNOWS that you are ALIVE. That you are here to BE LOVE.

I think we all have ‘moments’ like that now and then! So we surely must KNOW of their existence.And yet with respect from our hearts to yours, you call upon these thoughts from Higher places only fleetingly in comparison to what one must cross off their very intricate list of affairs for any given particular day. You allow your minds to be occupied, if we may say, and again in respect for the self, with triviality that seeks only to clog. This is why we wonder if you TRULY do KNOW of the existence of which we attend to in our communications with you? For although many are ‘cottoning on’ … slowly but surely … there are many that are STILL choosing to let their thoughts and memories be of matters that do not enhance. That do not create the NEW WORLD that we are expecting. It really is of utmost importance NOW to concentrate upon this as we have so many times suggested.

I do get what you are saying. We touched upon this last time, and we won’t ponder too long on it again, unless you feel it necessary. Yet … you know … for us down here, when embedded in a code of misconduct by others … it is quite tough to imagine how that world could possibly BE on a day to day basis. Do we work? Do we have money? You say it will be a world of stunning beauty where all is in harmony. Well, I for one, can’t quite get my ahead around that kind of world being for real, as all we have known (in this lifetime) is mostly the opposite. And the more we learn about those that control this planet the more I find it difficult to envisage a world of flowing calico frocks and clear running rivulets. I cannot seem to ‘recall’ that kind of existence in order to bring it forth once again. Last night I kept hearing ‘cut through the illusion’. Perhaps you could talk to us about the illusion we are in? I don’t really get that either … I do get however that you chose me to work with you for my humour not for my rocket scientist mind!!!!! Illusion? Yet it ‘FEELS ‘ so real. How do we get round it? Cut through it? By recognising it for what it is. A dream state.


Are we really in a dream? Seriously?


Far too seriously at times. And if you were able to see through it, you would find much amusement in just how seriously you do take this experience. That is all it is. An experience. As is everything you do, in all aspects of yourself, on all planets, in all galaxies, in all universes. You are simply having an experience. How you chose to experience any particular experience is entirely up to you. You chose how you want to FEEL it. You create what you need to experience it, in the fashion that you FEEL necessary to expose to your Being. You need to TRY and understand of this illusion as your very own masterpiece. You are learning, and putting together pieces of the jigsaw, and yet we would say that what you ‘think’ you are capable of is a limited edition of that which you TRULY are capable of. For you are capable of EVERYTHING. YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS with focus of your mind. You can disintegrate your physical flesh in an instant and rebuild it again on the other side of the world. You can leave your body and visit another aspect of yourself that is on another planet. You can …



Have I got this right? Are you about to say …’You can play scrabble’???? Surely I had a mind flip for a moment.


You are correct. Not in the mind flip statement , but in the one of the scrabble.



With all respect … what the ???


Everyone accepts that they can play scrabble. Some may be more skilled than others depending on their concentration time span and their knowledge of words. Yet even a young student of early years , if able to spell just a few simple words , once aware of the rules of the game would be able to embark upon a game . Would you agree?

Yes. And?The game can take place and expressed because the mind of the player knows the rules and has the necessary knowledge to see the game through. The player KNOWS it can be done. It knows words can be expanded upon and as one adds to another word, eventually the board is filled with interconnecting lettered squares. There is no question of HOW it ever got to be like that, for one has ‘grown it’ oneself, piece by piece. There was never a thought of ‘but I can’t’, because one always knew before commencing the game, that the game could take shape in this way. There is the added excitement that every game of course will have a different outcome, and yet the principles, the basic fundamentals will always be in place.


So, I think you are suggesting that we apply this to?


Anything you want to do.


Sorry you’ve lost me. If I want to create a world of Love and leave behind all thoughts of negativity … what? You get out your basic fundamentals .The principals that you know work. In order to do ANYTHING … as long as you know how to do it, it can be done, correct?


Yes, however, I don’t how to disintegrate and pop up in one piece in my mother’s kitchen in England … and probably best I don’t from my mother’s point of view!! Ah wait … is that where I get out my ‘travel scrabble?!!


You say you don’t know how. But what if we tell you that you do. If you haven’t played scrabble for a long time, you need to be reminded of the rules. Once refreshed it is like you played only yesterday. The recall system in your Being allows you to jump right back in where you left off.


Yes, I get what your’e saying, and I KNOW we use so very little of our brain etc, but HOW ? How exactly do we recall things such as these? These miraculous wonders that you say we are able to perform? Don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt that it is possible


Then what is stopping you from doing it?


My understanding of how. My understanding or lack of … of living in a world that we can manipulate at will. I get that energy can transform, therefore something that is a table … through thought, and KNOWING … could shapeshift into a speed boat should we so desire … I get it, but what is it then , that would not let it happen if I were to try it right now? Other than the fact it wouldn’t fit in the room!!!


Your acceptance of the Truth of that fact. You say you ‘get it’ and yet you are unable to make it happen. Because your belief system is so indoctrinated with the ‘it cannot possibly happen’. The magic OF your world … the magic IN your world … the magic OF you … the magic IN you has been … shall we say ‘frozen in time’. As those who desired power gained what they desired, they banned certain rituals. They took away the right to be free under the guise of what is known in your world nowadays as ‘devil worship’.


Funny, I felt odd writing that word … coming from you.


And yet it means absolutely nothing to us for it has no meaning! Wake up to the illusion! Who created who? And why? The fear was introduced to capture your very souls! The so called ‘devil’ was introduced to do the same thing. Who created him? A God of Love??? Think about these things with these brains that you have been given on this journey. Use them wisely. Listen to your inner guidance. A God of Love creating/allowing a vision with horns and a pointed tail that will take you down to the fires of hell forever if you should so much as have an unlawful thought? And who wrote the laws to say they were unlawful? These things were devised by those who needed to control. The fear took its place and deeply etched itself with in the minds and hearts of souls who were once so empowered in the beauty of TRUTH of LOVE. In Truth of who they really are. There was a time when knowledge of miraculous activities was common place. When each soul chose miracles … for the world in which they reside was of them. This world MUST be brought back, and yet it will be of a Newness. NEVER again shall it be able to be tainted by greed and savours (?) of selfish indulgence. Your ‘tribe’ has learned its lesson. It is not one to be repeated. It shall not be repeated.


YOUR AWAKENING IS HAPPENNING. One by one you are waking from your darkened dreams. Dreams that have kept you in a coldness that numbed your senses. This dream is coming to an end. And you are waking up into the reality ... into the TRUTH. You are miraculous BEINGS OF LIGHT. YOUR LOVE IS CALLING YOU HOME. YOU ARE HEARING THAT CALL AND YOU ARE HEEDING ITS CRY. EACH ONE OF YOU IS WALKING HOME. LEAVING BEHIND THIS WORLD OF DREAMS AND ILLUSIONS INTO THE LIGHT AND LOVE OF YOUR SOUL.


When we arrive in this New Place will we remember this dream?


In your illusional life you think you dream when you sleep. How much of it do you remember when you wake? Snippets? You cannot always put the pieces together and much of it does not seem to make sense. Yet when you were in that dream, it felt very real. The absurd was accepted. There are even times when you KNOW you are in a dream and therefore can ‘fly’ because you have learned that you can do this when in your ‘dream’ state’. You can fly. You yourself Blossom, have learned when this takes place now to control your speed and direction. When you awake from that dream, get out of your bed and stand on the floor… do you use the same principles to ‘take off and fly then?’ Indeed you wouldn’t dream of it! Because you are back in your ‘reality’ … or so you think … and in that reality you KNOW you cannot fly. Think about this. What is real? What is illusion? What is dream? What is not? You have been ‘tricked’ into deadening your full potential. Your powers have been quashed in order to manipulate you … to control you. Once you know you are in a dream, is it not so that you then can take control? Change things? Gain back your power? Dare to dream souls of earth. Dare to dream!


Very thought provoking indeed! In fact … we need to be asleep in order to awake … and yet it seems that perhaps the only time we are awake is when we are asleep? Mmm! Thanks chaps! I thoroughly enjoyed that. As always … gratitude and Love to you up there from your mates down here!


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Thank You Kerrie and Thank You Blossom and the F.O.L.
Wonderful Message xxx
Thanks and much love, Blossom
Jan Aebi

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