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Drug companies and government mandate about Vaccines in the U.S. - Unreal

I never thought I would see the day that drug companies and the government would pass laws that give the Big Pharma carte blanch with our lives.  The United States is the ONLY country on this planet that 'forces vaccines' on infants, children and adults.  Then, if there is vaccine damage to a human life from the vaccine, we cannot sue ANYONE.  Give this a listen, even if you don't live in the U.S.  Our military takes lives, and so do the drug companies.


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Yes we do, but how?  They are all insane and are controlled by the elites and eugenic's monsters to kill by vaccine... and the cripple, then to tell people they are just 'freaks,' useless eaters, and expendable containers.  I know that they'll be dealt with soon, it's just will it be soon enough.

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