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So, I have these very intricate dreams....and there were a few recently that really stuck out and they involved this I thought I'd just post my dream journal entrys here and see what people have to say or if they've had anything simmilar happen to them. Comments would be great! (especially if you have dreams like these).

So the first one goes like this:
I am in a dim room. Floating. I see that there are rows upon columns of books, almost as though I'm in a giant library and I'm going around on one of those moving ladders. I see my friends floating elsewhere, but I'm unable to communicate. Then, I notice a presence around me. I can't exactly see it, but I know its there, just floating right next to my head. It senses my fear and assures me "I am not a Grey". Excitement starts to bubble, I've been waiting for this encounter to happen for a long time. My vision goes dark. I next find that I'm floating with this being, its a bubble of light, above landmass: we're going up north. Then, it was almost like the scene from "Castle in the Sky" where the storm around the castle tosses me around. I find myself in this volcano that has steps leading down into its base. All around me and above me is a great storm with enormous winds trying to pull me off the stairs. I keep pulling myself down, because I know where I am heading, and its where Ive been wanting to go for a very long time. Suddenly, I get ripped off the stairs by the wind, but the being grabs hold of me and pulls me back down. There are other beings that are loitering around on the steps, not seeming to be affected by the winds. They seem to be from the world I'm heading to: they are friendly. I finally reach the entrance which is very large. It's almost like a gigantic door but was like a very large hole. I couldn't tell. I finally reached it. Time passed, and the next thing that happened was that I was standing on the road before my house. Yet, the atmosphere was very different. The sky was much dimmer, and the sun was a beautiful radient light. I felt different too, almost as though I was something else, something wonderful. I looked towards my neighbors, who were smiling at me. The trees were different too, different than the ones that are usually around my house. I went up to my house, walked in, and saw my mother. I was able to communicate with her, but something seemed odd. I ventured up to my room, and then looked out a small window in my room where usually I would see a tree that is dead and looks as though it would fall. But I didnt see that this time. Instead, I saw a beautiful red and orange tree that bloomed beautiful flowers. My mother came up and commented on how that tree outside my window needed to be chopped down, in case it shall break and fall on the roof because it is rotted. Then I realized, although my mother and I were together, we were both in different worlds, seeing different things. It was as though our worlds were overlapping, and although we could communicate, neither could see the others world. Only what was similar. I went to my globe lamp, really expecting nothing at this point, and found that the globe was different. There were different landmasses and different oceans. I realized where I was then: I was in the center of the earth, where Ive been longing to go. Where everything escapes to, where all fantasy is truely reality being twisted into myth from above. I decided to go explore the world and find what I was looking for. My first venture was to find the light ships. I asked my neighbor and he told me the direction. I was going to learn so much and go almost anywhere. I was so excited...but then I woke up.

My second dream (about a day or two later) goes like this:
I have very intricate dreams. I have them almost every night. Ive been keeping a dream diary for about 4 months now...ever since I had this one dream-kind of mind changing. Its one of those dreams that arent typical, if you get what im saying. I know there are those dreams that seem real but arent. But this one, I was there, it was more lucid and palpable than before. This happened last summer. 5-20-07. I feel like i should record this here just in case anyone has had a simmilar experience like mine-id like to chat. It started out i was somewhere, i encountered a man from RSE who said he had someone who wanted to talk to me. I began to engage in conversation but the scene blurred out. The surroundings changed to a forest. Kind of a dark forest. I was camping. It was kind of open trees and there were 3 or four tents laying around. I am in my tent and im very aware of something. I look towards the entrance of my tent and i see a being. Its tall, about 8 or 9 feet tall, bending down into my tent, very beautiful. Its a beautiful blue iridescent being. Lengthy upper body, long legs, long arms. I have a hard time remembering the eyes, but i remember the face is oval-ish, no hair. The eyes were benign, they were large. I think they resembled the stereotypical grey alien eyes, large and black, but these were not as menacing. I start to become fearful. The being bends down lower and puts its hand on my back, leaving an iridescent handprint. He stares into my face, trying to communicate, trying to tell me something. My fear overcomes me at that point and I close my eyes. I wake up in my dream, still in the night, and step outside. The being is gone but powdery iridescent footprints are on the ground. Later in my dream, Im somewhere else. I meet the being again. This time he is standing erect, and i can tell how much taller he is than I am. I am scared, but not as much as before. I stare up into his face. My fear starts to churn, but i try and surpress it. He stares at me for a good while, and that is the point where I wake up. The being is still imprinted into my mind. I know that it was the same being from my other dream (look at blog april 24, 2007) who contacted me. I think that he didnt show himself then because he did not want me to be fearful of him. Another strange thing, a couple weeks later when I went on my summer Alaska camping trip, our first camp site was exactly the one in my dream. We set up our tents in the place i saw in my dream earlier. There were 3 to 4 tents, and my tent was situated in the place in my dream. It was very strange/scary. Nothing happened though. Later when my mom muscle tested my body, she said that it was a being that came to contact me from inner earth. He hasnt returned yet, though I hope he will. Ive been erasing my fear. I have a feeling that in the future i will be contacted once again, and I will know what to do.

My third goes like this:
I had a funky dream last night that the United Nations just did something that they shouldnt have done and the country was in trouble. So, we all went down to our basements. A rep from the UN came to my house and was coming after me to kill me for some reason....I dont remember if he did or not...I dont think he did...

And what was scary about that one was that I found out soon after that there is future plans of the UN to put all alive people into camps after earth changes so they can maintain control (with the railroad cars lined up in abandoned army bases and stuff)....not to mention about a month later I had this dream that I was playing with a small child ( a girl) on my lap and I handed the girl to my cousin who hugged her deeply....then not a day later I get a call from my cousin saying shes pregnant.....

I've had a lot of others about UFO's recently, but the ones i just mentioned are probably the most vivid ive ever had....

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In the last few weeks, my dreams have started to change. As an example, four days ago I had a dream conversation with myself, locked up in a room. I myself could walk in and out at will, but my dream self was locked inside and seemed very angry about it. Even though my dream-self had everything he could possibly want in that room, all he wanted was to get out, even after I assured him (me?) that there was nothing outside that door. I only realized then what was going on.

I /was/ talking to myself, that is to say I was talking to my anger, my selfishness, everything inside me that I am not proud of and keep locked away. There was someone else in that room with us (with me? The intricacies of linguistic limits become very interesting when talking to yourself) but I can't remember the other figure clearly. However, lately my dreams always seem to involve either an aspect of myself or another being which 'feels' like the one from my other dreams.
wow thats really interesting and deep. i dont think ive had one like that before. are ur dreams usually like that recently?
Alexis said:
wow thats really interesting and deep. i dont think ive had one like that before. are ur dreams usually like that recently?

My dreams over the last few weeks are very different from what they used to be. They are, almost without exception, entirely lucid and I remember them after waking up. To complicate matters, however, from time to time they seem to be dreams from a long time ago that are being replayed, but which are being given a different outcome. In the moment I can remember the old dream and the original outcome, but invariably in these cases I experience a 'deus ex machina' at a crucial juncture and either a fraction of myself or the being I described earlier shows up and nudges me along a different path.

Recently I had dream conversations with my anger and selfishness, but last night also with my doubt and insecurity. It manifested as a point of light which guided me through a maze of total darkness, picking up glowing 'beings' along the way, vaguely humanoid shaped but with eyeless faces. And I remembered the old adage: in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. At the end of the maze I again met this 'being' and he thanked me for helping him. I remember then going away with him somewhere, but frustratingly that is the only part of the dream I don't remember. What I do remember is waking up when my housemate slammed the door on his way out while going to work and opening one eye with this feeling of warmth and comfort permeating my entire being. And in the blink of one eye, about four hours went by.

During meditation lately, I get the feeling of slowly lifting off my chair for a few seconds (even though my feet still touch the ground) and a face that seems to want to come in to focus.

And why do I suddenly remember the phrase 'blue is the key'?
i have been listen to the The Solfeggio Frequencies for about four weeks.i never realy use to remember many dreams but now they are coming one after the other night after night.some good some bad but its like i throw the feelings that i have in the dreams away like there not needed anymore.
last night i also dreamt of a being which had taken over a friend and i could see it in here eyes it was a biege colour reptile but this friends daughter had put a spell on me and this being was trying to help me at the same time i was trying to get rid of it .i think its weird.
from childhood ive had fairly disturbing nightmares,so i had to learn how to wake myself up,the only way you can do this is to be aware that youre dreaming.i havnt had a nightmare for a long time but its opened the door to some incredible dreams,a few years ago for a night or two{cant really remember} i had dreams about flying,ok nothing special there but why i remember them to this day is i was in full control of the dream,it was exactly like waking life where we choose what we do in every instant the only difference was i was lifting off the ground and flying around the city,i could control how high or low to fly when i wanted to land i landed,in one of the dreams i found myself next to a fighter jet,but i choose not to fly it and just continue flying by myself.these were not dreams to me they actually feel more real than some other memories i have that were not dreams
I'm glad I'm not the only one having had those dreams.

Being able to fly, in my dreams, feels like remembering the exact physics of how to control my body in flight, how to maintain speed and altitude, and feeling where the energy flow comes from that keeps me aloft. Almost like jumping up and... choosing not to come back down, but moving forwards and using that motion to keep going.
thats exactly exactly how it felt i just had to concentrate on it and i was lifting up,no wings no engine needed,thats what i think the fighter jet was about
When i was younger i had 2 cool types of dreams.

Ones where i could focus and because i focused, i could fly, and others were pictures that i use to remember when i woke up. Those pictures would then manifest themselves in exactly the same way as i saw them in my dream. Kinda like ESP. Sad to say i was young so it was dismissed. Have not had many dreams like it since.

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