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Hey guys, last night i had a dream where i think i was meditating or something in the dream and i made it my intention to revieve symbols or something like that and all i saw after that were all these symbols and pictures of about 50 or more just flashing really fast infront of my eyes...i got up and was exited but i cant remember any of them clearly. I couldent draw one if you asked me too. I am just sharing an experience i guess not really asking anything lol...what do you guys think about my dream?

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Last night I had a dream where I too saw several symbols, and for a brief moment (brief after awakening, but evident throughout my entire dream) the designs of crop circles made sense. Their intent was crystal clear.

The only other thing I remember is writing a speech, but failing to read it because there was not enough light in the room. When the lights were finally turned up, it turned out nobody could hear me from the podium, and I was forced to stand on the same floor as the audience to be heard. By then they kept interrupting me, and even though the speech was elegantly crafted, it warped into something completely different as I struggled to explain its concepts to the audience.
Funny but I am having dreams now about symbols too! only in my case, They are as vivid in color and real as my day to days memories, they just don't fade..... even the feelings from these dreams stay with me..

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