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Greetings all.

Over the course of the last two weeks, something rather peculiar has started happening to me. Every day, whenever I have a blank piece of paper and a pen nearby, I'm compelled to draw certain symbols. I don't know what they mean, but if I lose the paper, I tend to draw them again, exactly the way they were before.

At first I thought I was just doodling in boredom, but I'm starting to detect a pattern. For one, these symbols are very structured, and seem to follow a syntax, even if I'm as of yet unable to decypher them.

Oddly enough, in the last few days the symbols have included kanji symbols, and even hieroglyphics. Somehow I know they are significant, but I can't seem to translate them. They simply pop into my mind, and I draw them.

My question is this: has anyone ever had this same thing happen to them? Or are you compelled to look up unusual symbology to decyper it? I wish I could upload the symbols I've drawn, but I don't quite know how.

Somehow I feel they are significant.

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thanks simpleman sorry Im so late getting back to you

simpleman said:
YouTube - Spinning Crop Circle Keycodes - Secrets Revealed 1

YouTube - DNA Awakening - Arcturian Key Codes for Evolution - YAWWWN
Found this one a year ago. My favorite.

simpleman said:
Vaddix, I have been thinking of building a pyramid to live in for a year now. While I wrote my reply, I was visualising the pyramid house again. Basicly from my point of view, it's just a roof on the ground.
A data base is a good idea for the symbols and formations. (a group would be good too) I think there is information in the cropcircle formations. When we see them and then the informtion is downloaded to our DNA and or sub-conscious. It may be a binary code. Everything in the universe works off of binary code. That probably why we humans designd computers that operate using a binary code system, 1's and 0's.
Jim, I had thought about watching videos of spinning cropcircles. I had found a video about a year ago. I will post a link if I find it. I hadnt thought about actually physicly spinning them. Cool idea though. Oh, I have been researching free energy for a year, heavy at times. I have many links I can share.

Pyramids are energy collectors, Patricia. They collect orgone energy. I think location may play a big part in collecting energy. A ley line would be best. Thats why all ancient cerimonal sites are built on ley lines. And I have read that when a person is inside one like pyramids Jim builds, one can experience a higher state of consciousness. Cool ha
I do seem to have prevaricated over this for far too long. But my initial problem remains the same: I don't have a scanner, I don't have a digital camera, so I would have to redraw them digitally. If you have a suggestion of how to upload them, please do let me know.

Tshoeva said:
lol well that died in the ass .... very saviours of earthlike ...

Tshoeva said:
Put the symbols up! Im interested now :P
Iv drawn symbols for ages, never paid too much attention to them .. every now and then id know that itd do something ... then mixing that with tai chi methods, sensing it out, i could feel energy doing something (similar to sacred geometry).

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