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Dr. Day Speech 1969: An Insanely Evil Plan To Enslave Mankind

Dr. Day Speech 1969: An Insanely Evil Plan To Enslave Mankind…2017-05-03

In this article we show you the shocking proof of how unimaginably evil and insane the plans of the NWO globalists are in order to enslave mankind and eliminate billions of people while brainwashing them into mindless robots. Not only that, we see clearly that their old plans have come to fruition in many, many aspects and with this document in hand we understand why property prices have gone sky high all over the world during the last few decades.  It has been engineered this way in order to push out young people from the property market and deny them the chance to have their own home and a family. Nuclear terrorism, depopulation, world religion, mass euthanasia, HBTQ, death of the family, vaccines, mass surveillance, free sex, homosexuality, bad food, chip implants, no ownership of property etc etc. They have planned all of these things and the purpose is to enslave mankind after people have become brainwashed enough to accept anything that the MSM tells them to do.

Dalai kalachakra

Dalai Lama Performs The Kalachakra Ritual To Ignorant Westerners

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Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s what these religious lunatics are up to.

4) The Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise (PTBS) scenario also serves the globalist objective of joining Christianity and Islam together into “Chrislam” as part of the “Religious UN”…


Using “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” principle, a joint Muslim/Christian Holy War against the “Islam-defaming radical Islamists” and “Western Satanists” is the perfect way to get the people of the two religions to look upon each other favorably. By jointly winning “the prophesied End Times battle” under a Messiah and Mahdi who are friends and allies, a proud bond will be formed. But the “religious UN” will be only a short-lived intermediate step towards the Kabbalah-Christ the Lubavitchers want to foist upon the world.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 10 – Putin and Trump’s Big Trick: Will US forces actually be joining Assad, Putin, and Khamenei in a joint Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan)?

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