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I just watched a documentary called "What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole" on Youtube. It's about quantum physics, and it just completely baffled me. In short, scientists have found out that all is one.

You can watch the documentary here, I've put all the parts in a playlist for your convenience:

It gets a bit silly at times, but it's still very good.

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welcome to the club! you are now awake dear one.
tranceman said:
welcome to the club! you are now awake dear one.

You know, I've been wondering about that for a while... What exactly does it mean to be "awake"? How do you define it?
welcome to reality my friend.. but we need more zombies to wake up
Thanks for explaining it, Kerrie. Heh, I guess I'm not completely awake yet, then, seeing as I still attend school out of fear of the consequences if I don't ^^'

Well, of course I don't go around thinking about the consequences all the time, I do go to school to learn too, of course.

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