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Yea~ I am getting a little exhausted ~ WASTING~ my own energy, on telling this  to people~ AS THIS IS A "TRUTH"~ THAT IS NOTHING OTHER THAN~TRUTH! Meaning ~IT  APPLIES TO ALL OF US! We have been ~SO DAMN~ conditioned~ to judge every-one  else... and decide if they are correct or "cool", based on what we have been  ~"PROGRAMMED"~LITERALLY~ to have a reference to which compare as a  baseline, of what those~restricting~SILLY~ words even are.~WRONG~ ITS TIME~ TO~  GET TO KNOW YOURSELF~ & NOT~ consider~ or even remember~ any longer what  others think of you~BUT~ ALWAYS USE DISCERNMENT~ AS I AM TALKING OF SOMEONE  JUDGING ANOTHER NOT WITH THEIR OWN HEART~ BUT ~ As what they have been told to  believe. ANY OPINION~No matter how NON-COMPLIMENTARY to you~ IS TRULY A GIFT~ If  it comes with good intent. SO~ THERE IS NO SUCH ADVICE AS BAD ADVICE~ If it has  a GOOD & HONEST INTENT~ As it's driving motive for sharing.!~SO~I  FEEL~ IF YOU ARE TRULY~ BEING YOU~ Than you won't care what others  think~promise~ cause truth is~That TRULY~WE ARE ALL COOL~ AS COOL GETS~ YES~ YOU  ARE ONE~ COOL CAT!~SILAS~

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you are one cool cat, thank you.

nice one :)


~YOU CHILL~lol~ Im a diffrent man now~ I am changing everday~ weird reading my thoughts from the past~SHOWS HOW FAST WE ARE ALL GROWING(((~_~)))~NOW~ LIFE~is just  GOING SO FAST~
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