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The 2012 theory is based on fake science and money making. People have lied to you for too long. Educate yourselves.

If you are truly open minded then watch the 3 minute video posted above. Enjoy your normal December 21st.

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Who said it would be a disaster.. nothing of that kind ^L^ it is the end time for the Yang dynasty after 26.000 years .. it is about time ;-) he he ..
22 december 2012 will be the manifestation of the influence of great magnitude of the YIN dynasty it will be stabilized and bring balance throughout the entire population of Mother Earth 
Tomorrow is the alignment.. go outside and feel the difference :D
Mother Earth is almost ready, are U?

I'm already having an incredible day, it is what you make of it!

I don't know what is going to happen but I know that NASA has never told us the truth.  We are not alone in this universe and they have been hiding it from us.  That much is true.  Anything else, I can not prove. 

we'll be fine!

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