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Hi Guys

I have a question that I would like some guidance on if possible

All of my life, I am now 45, I always said I dont feel a part of the human race..I have almost felt as if I have been set down here and am baffled by a lot of what I see....nobody ever seems to react the way I do things

Ever since I was a child, my family have been amazed that I don't anger,,,never, no matter how much I am provoked, I dont feel that emotion,,I get sad and I get upset...but I alway feel more sympathy for the person who is trying to upset me than anything else..I cant ever see bad in people, only hurt and sadness causing them to lash out..and their pain hurts me physically

When I was about 12 I was very ill and my kidneys stopped working, I had a transplant at 21..but I was never angry about it or thought why me..I was always grateful it happened, because my life took a path it could never have taken otherwise,,,

but I was never really a spiritual person, I have always been agnostic, I respected peoples beleifs, but held none of my own, although that side of life fascinated me and I have read the bible and the koran and studied bhudism and I had taken my first degree in reiki, so I was pretty open minded about stuff...but then a couple of months ago I started having trouble sleeping

I told my good friend, who told me about some guided meditation cd's...I bought these..and listened every night...each night they sent me straight to sleep..but every morning I could remember one phrase "law of attraction" I was really curious about it, as I didnt know what it I did a search, which took me to David Childerleys youtube page, where I got interested in EFT..he then started talking about the illuminati, David Ike and Blossom Goodchild, 14th October etc...I searched....and wow!!! since then its like my whole life suddenly makes sense to me

It seems like everything was almost preplanned that I had to have the life I had to get the this point now...does anyone else feel like this? that their whole life was totally meant to happen the way it has and things are suddenly all coming together and making perfect sence? or do you think is it just string coinsidences that have led us all here to this point?


Much love xxx

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Dear Juliet.

Let me start off by saying that I feel very much as you do. All through my life, I feel as if I simply do not belong here, as if some part of my soul is constantly reminding me that I am, in fact, asleep and this is all a very lucid dream. My own anger has been likened to a volcano. It's there, but it takes a very long time to erupt, you'd get plenty of warning before it does and only those foolish enough not to evacuate would see it in all its fury. In my whole life, I have been what I would call angry only twice. I have to lose full control over myself before I can become truly angry, and that is something I work to avoid to the best of my ability.

That all said, I simply do not believe in coincidences. Looking back upon my life thus far, everything has been too delicately interwoven, simply far too complex and brilliantly staged for those events to have been entirely random. But I do believe in the law of attraction.

The law of attraction I refer to as the law of attraction is the third law of creation. They go as follows:

1) You exist. (You cannot change this)

2) All are One and One is the All. (You cannot change this)

3) What you put out is what you get back. (You cannot change this)

4) Change is the only constant. (Except for the previous three laws.)

In this context, the law of attraction is simply the condition that everything that happens is a reflection of your own actions or wishes. And all that is required to change the condition is to react differently to a same situation. So in this sense, there are no coincidences and the only one totally in control of your life and its path is you yourself.

The law of attraction is at the same time a very liberating and a very harsh law. This might be due to the fact that we are used to perceiving duality and thus there has to be a flipside to every coin. But the law of attraction not only appears to mean that you have full control over your own life, but also that you have /full/ control over your own life, including those parts you don't like. Since the condition for change is the different reaction to a set of circumstances, it also befalls you to accept the consequences of this reaction.

I'll end this here, because it feels like I'm about to go on a tangent :)

Thank you for your reply Ullan

I sometimes think it a shame that the law of attraction is often presented as means to get "things"...when it is much more than that..

I can think of several events in my past life that I manefested by my own thoughts...some good and some bad

Could it be that we create the "coinsidences" that take us in the direction we already know we need to go,?

Much love
Thank you Pleiadian Agenda

Its nice to know there are others who feel as I do. I too have spent many hours reading psychology, philosophy and sociology books.I have lways been a People watcher,,,and fascinated by the way people think and behave

As for the anger thing...I have never known why it isnt there..people say to me that I must keep my temper inside..but i dont..Its just not there, never has been

I agree it is quite ironic that after such isolation, We now feel ready to help guide the human race towards oneness :)

Much love

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