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ok a little backround,i work as a chef in an open kitchen in a busy city so i spend my time watching all the different people go by,and ive come to the conclusion that ye we are all human but some of us have strong {possibly genitic} connections to many different e.t. races as far as i can now see they are birds,lions,reptiles and humans.if we use our discernment we know that nothing is all negative,this is not possible,it applys in every sense,to a person as to a population,all my life ive loved nature and feel a special connection with crocodiles and reptiles in general,did you know that a croc can go one year without food? i"d be in macdonalds after not too long! the point here is everyone connecting with the lion is free to grow their hair {and beards for the men} an express their connection freely,but the overwhelming majority of info about reptiles is negative,im starting to see a trend! this is not right lets get our facts straight,yes they are incredible warriors and some still exist in this energy but also many dont,have you ever had a really bad argument with your partner, a family member or freind and you just feel drained of energy? imagine how you might feel after destroying a planet,or many planets? you may decide to make a commitment to peace! so my point here is if you have a connection,and you are in love and light witch i am,how can it be negative?

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Dear Budda boy,

Your question is an interesting one, and even though I cannot offer a guaranteed correct answer to it, I can offer my insights into the matter. I'll do this by breaking your question down into its constituent parts and answering those to offer an answer to the whole. If you would indulge me for a moment...

1) Do we all have a different home species?
This depends largely on your definition of species. If we are to accept that we are all beings of energy having a third density experience, then no as energy is and always shall be energy. But if we approach this from the standpoint if we all currently on this earth have experienced a higher density before as members of a different 'species' before incarnating on this Earth, then my answer would have to be 'yes'.

2) Did you know a croc[odile] can go without food for a year?
I didn't. :-) But I live and learn, so thank you for that information.

3) If you have a connection and you are in love and light, how can it be negative?
This is the crux of the issue and the part of the question which I find to be so very interesting. Negativity and positivity, good and evil, right and wrong, these are the two polar opposites of duality. And I believe, and I hope others with me, that we have chosen to be on this Earth for one reason only: to experience duality. For us, right now, this seems like almost an absurd notion. After all, is duality not all prevalent and a common force in all of creation? I personally believe that it is not, and that the ability to perceive, figuratively speaking, shades of gray is something we have learned through trial and error here on Earth, through bitter experience of many lifetimes. Let us take this notion into direct context, so that it applies to your question in what I hope is an informative conclusion to my reply.

Our species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (lit. the thinking man) is what I believe to be a vessel for the energy of many different 'species' not of this Earth. Long ago we, each for our own reasons, have decided to be here to grow as beings, to learn that which cannot be learned anywhere else. Duality. You feel a strong connection with reptiles, and worry about their negative image. I sometimes wake up at night feeling I should have a tail and expressive ears, and feel like a lot of my potential for communication has been taken away from me without them. In both instances, the source of this feeling may be the same: we are remembering who we were before we came here. Now, just as any member of our species is capable of the most gruesome of atrocities, so too is another human capable of great works of art, altruism and unconditional kindness. One human is not like the other, as all are individuals. So too are members of other species not necessarily good or evil, right or wrong, white or black. Often we are told of Reptillians and think instantly of dangerous beings seeking to enslave us. Personally, if I were to come face to face with one, I would judge it on its own merits, and implement one of the lessons this Earth has taught me over so many lifetimes... that eventually only your own heart can tell you the true measure of anybeing.

I hope this helps.
hi there!
you know what, you're probably right. my country is a melting pot of every human race imaginable, and i'm looking at them and myself daily, and having a notion that probably we were of different humanoid species.

i've a question, if we've known so far about arcturians, nordics, aryans and pleiadians (and others that i havent came across yet)... what are the true extraterrestial species of asians? i'm sorry i'm asking this because i'm asian and the resources i've came across didnt really explain much except in the vein of 'asians were of an older race'.

anyone knows? even though the issue of race is really talking about our 3-dimension shell.... :)
i am a channaler from israel and am working with many e.t. species (eight) therefor i can say that each one has its downs and its ups (like people). in general there are species which are very advanced at understanding emotions, while others are good at energy shifting and manipulating, advanced science, galactic politics, advanced physics and etc.

it is impossible and wrong to catalog a whole specie in a specific "tag" or gender because each individual has its right to make his choices, although we can say that according to their way of living some are more likely to be better in specific areas or understanding then others (and of course that this p.o.v. is very limited because it cant reflect the absolute truth).

i think that the reptilians have a very "bad reputation" like some people has. its like some people from some Arab countries may consider to be "bad" because of their origin by undeveloped people, but of course that this is not true because we CAN see very evolved people even in unevolved countries, and peace lovers in a countries that has a majority that support war.

most of our biblical ancestor (Michael, Rafael, oriel etc) are reptilian and most of them did things that may consider as "bad" to some prospectives in the past, and yet today, those beings are ones of great light, love and power and ARE working to bring a new earth into manifestation for us when each one has his reasons (some of them are even thinking of this act as a "correction to past actions). i'm working with many of them and must say that they are absolutely amazing, powerful and gentle beings despite the things that some of them did in the past. if you will read the bible you will see that even then (when it was written) there were "bad ones" and "good ones" according to many prospectives and that the people who said that ones are "good" or "bad" changed their prospective many times according to many factors and p.o.v.'s .

i see a lot of people who have different attractions to different species according to their genetics, beliefs and many other factors but i think that in the end - people who are attracted to light are attracted to beings who serve the light (without exceptions to their e.t. origin) and people who live in fear and hatred attract to dark serving beings.

of course that there are even more factors such as past lives, and sometimes we can see people who feel hurt or pain when they see a specific specie, but that's like saying "i hate Asians because one Asian guy once made me mad". in the end i think that every case is unique and therefor any "tag" or definition that we will try to put on the whole will be wrong.

Yes we are all souls from different star systems being born here to help with the upcoming 2012 shift. I had a dream when i was a little kid of myself being reincarnated and choosing my parents and somewhat outlining my life, and i was looking at Earth from afar when this was happening. Not sure if i was on a spaceship or something else. I also wasn't the only soul in line ready to be born.
Don't forget there are more than one type of reptilians, there are those who are earth native, and those who aren't. Also earth humans (homo sapiens) supposedly have 22 different alien DNA inside of them. As for asians, i've always had a feeling inside of me that they're part grey alien (Maybe as little as 1/4 or even 1/8). Would explain why Japanese people are so weird and technologically advanced, and also why the majority of them are short. Lol.. any comments on this?

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