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This is unbelievable! It should go viral! Spread! Read between the lines.

In the new Transformers movie, story tells us that Apollo mission was a cover to go to the moon and in radio silence explore alien ship that crashed there. We see astronauts in awe entering alien wreckage and bringing artefacts.
But later in a present day movie scene, shows up Buzz Aldrin HIMSELF, acting HIMSELF, walks to greet giant Optimus Prime, smile and says: "From a fellow space traveler, its a true honor"  "The honor is mine" - reply Optimus. Aldrin then says: "We were sworn to secrecy by our commander in chief" The other characters add: "Total of 35 people knew the real plan at NASA"
Woooooow! I mean woooooow! Whole movie is phenomenal, but this scene is SOOO EPIC that it can make u cry of joy, from what it really mean to us.
Can you contemplate how far things have gone? This has newer happened in cinematic history. What a pretext for disclosure! We are so kicking in! In the following weeks billion of people will see the new movie. Then we are going for the real deal. Truth is hidden in plan sight.

You should not judge Transformers trilogy as fear propaganda. Its one of those movies which have a soul. There is more than meets the eye about them. As in duality in it exists some bad aliens. But it also show courage, unique friendship and love between humans and ETs.

Buzz you Hero!

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Very interesting, and I love the transformers series! I think what we are going through now is more like Final Fantasy. The lifestream is starting to protect itself, which to us humans may mean widespread troubles. Not to the rest of life though, lol.

Here is the 1 minute Buzz Aldrin scene:

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