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DISARM and WITHDRAW NOW ~ Admiral Esu Sananda Immanuel Kumara.


By Esu thru Candace
May 19, 2010 - 4:34:22 PM


Admiral Esu Sananda Immanuel Kumara
Thru Candace
May 19, 2010

Dearly beloveds, It is I Esu. This has been a awful day for us. I am very fatigued and those of us in the realms are going to rest over night and have a fresh meet up in the morning to decided the next course of affairs. We were unable to do updating today.  Updating will likely either tomorrow, or Friday.

I have asked Candace to do this one, because she never gets upset about the tough stuff. And it's time we made some use of her again, as she is healing nicely.

We are leaving most of our contact people, the boots on the ground in safe places as the beaming back and forth is tiring to them. They need a day off and they shall have it.

The political arena is not easy to work within, neither is the media arena. Today we removed 160 puppeteers from their posts. These will be missed and this should enable some cooperation after these removals are noticed. They are being held safely in underground areas built originally by the thugs of this world and are going to face quite a bit of interrogation.

Now this is a special message from Me, to those dark ones who have the assignment of reading here, and we expect you to pass this on.

There is NO way you can this. We have said this many times. The planet YOU stole from the Creation is going back to the Creation. This is a very special planet, because it is a beauteous seed planet for the sole purpose of creating new souls. Yea ones cannot create new souls you know, only dark one's can reincarnate into your children's forms.

Your days of your secession are numbered black brothers. Yea WILL come home to God and the light, or you WILL perish, forever. Lucifer is no longer your God. He was uncreated quite some years ago. Your Anunnaki overlords are long removed as are all the reptilians who have mind controlled you. It is only you and I dear brothers, and I came to win this one.

It is I that is in charge of the boots on the ground, as to their daily activities. I have quite a large army at my command, and while we prefer not to use weapons, but we do for self defense and the defense of those in our service. We have taken out every single person, for example, that you have sent to murder Candace. Not one has returned.

And she of course is not the only one you have attempted to "take out." This is God's planet. All planets are the Father's. This planet is going to be reclaimed to the Father's service and that is happening now and you have no other choice or place to go. We have controlled every last underground area built by man since 1950 on this planet. And there are a lot of them. We took final control over these in 2005, and this some of you know.

You cannot run to these places. You built many for your survival, and my dark brothers, the lighted brothers get to use these during and after stasis as needed and you shall not have them.

All of those of you requiring removal will only spend a short time there with the others we have removed before your fate is decided. I suggest disarming and withdrawing NOW. AND I MEAN NOW.

We are taking exactly one United States time zones day to recoup and then we will get very serious. The removals today were primarily in the main stream media and political arenas. The Military are under our control completely and cannot and will not defend your sorry little asses, excuse my "French" I am NOT in a good mood tonight.

Now I am a MASTER WARRIOR dear dark brothers. And I use LIGHT and KNOWLEDGE when it works, but since it is not working with most of you, I can get quite nasty, and I will get quite nasty. You can go down in shame, or you can surrender in Glory, it is but your choice. This is your last chance, THIS WEEK brothers, to come back to your real home in the abode of the Lord.

We are NOT damned antichrist Aliens. We will not put up with Fuck Off, from you. We have well over 10 MILLION light ships in this area, brothers, and as to the United States, you have exactly 2 Delta wing type craft left. Hardly a match up is it? We are prepared to demonstrate this to some of you when our rest break is over if needed.

You are not going to destroy this seed planet. This paradise planet. You stole it from God and God is here himself in person and is taking it back. I am his CHIEF COMMANDER, I am ADMIRAL Sananda. You want war, you will get war, brothers, and it shan't be pretty.

Today you made 126 attempts to fire on various members of our command. And as you know, there was some self defense that took place. Your private armored troops did not fair well. And as above, we removed some substantial numbers of your overlords. So be it, it was your cause, and you have yet to learn about cause and effect very well.

Be well advised, after our recoup tomorrow, we are coming for YOU. End of Story. I suggest you return to God post haste. Namaste, Esu Sananda Immanuel Kumara

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Bring it on brothers.
yeah i dont know about this one :P ... but they would do us a favor to get rid of all the bad brpthers controlling our planet.
I understand You Simone :) . ...strange indeed, I was puzzled too !!! ..I just posted it as it was channeled.
Who knows ! dealing with dark forces isn't easy , ..that I know for sure.
But than ,that's all that is :):):) ???.
... love to You precious lady.Namaste.

Simone said:
Sorry, can't imagine Jesus using that kind of language lol!
And ofcourse it will All happen in the name of Love ... I'd like to read other channels from this Candace :)))
I too can not imagine Jesus using such language, but in these times we live in you have to wonder.
If they are as FED UP as I am, why do we have to continue to wait on a few who do not care about humanity and they keep slowing down first contact and disclosure. Though I have doubts and that this message might have come from a dark entity that's how I feel, FED UP, enough is enough already look what they are doing to our beautiful gulf coast. I can't believe we would stand by as citizens of this planet and allow this DISASTER, well I am NOT gonna stand by and allow this to pass. Everyone boycott BP and fossil fuels, DEMAND for the gov to release clean energy technology, enough is enough already.
Whew! peace and light to all!
Ohhh ,those Reptilians ,are so true mess. Many people to this day still doubts them,but they are as real as you and me.
.. I have gone through lots of redicule and insult ,about them for years. But ,story about them will be learned,as we wake up more and more,to understand in what kind of Region of Galaxy we live in. ... love :) .

paTricia T. said:
The funny part for me is that this IS the way I expect a warrior to be. I thought it was interesting that the reptilians had been brought up ...left personal channel said the same thing.

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