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Did you know that Plants have Consciousness?????? - I give you Experimental Proof of this FACT!!

I can assure you that once you go through the following video it will change your outlook to Life and Nature FOREVER !!!!!! so please be warned!!

Experimental proof that a plant can recognize a person and it can actually feel the consciousness of other living beings in pain !!

Here's a 10 min sneak peek for you to convince yourself to watch the 90 min+ video link given at the bottom:

Incase the above link doesn't work:

"The secret life of plants" is perhaps the best way to start learning about life.

It's a beautiful documentary but it is quite long which is sad for the valuable point it makes. I cant think of anything that could be more important.

There is much more to learn about biology, the mind and it's abilities than "just" thinking, feeling and communicating plants. This video should provide you with the necessary inspiration to start searching for other documented facts people some how forgot to share with you.

The book "The Secret Life of Plants" was written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in 1973.

Cleave Baxter wasn't credited for it, he actually did the work for the book and he came up with a lot of the current knowledge in lie detectors.

Some other interesting things he did which he couldn't report all of it, but was involved with people and what he did was took a mouthwash and took white blood cells from a persons mouth, and put that in a solution with electrodes so he got contact with them and monitored on a lie detector machine (EEG) readings from this white blood cell. At the same time put a traveling video camera on the person that they came from. Any time that something happened—this was a little bit different, Ill explain this one. Any time something happened to that person that was emotionally stimulating whether it be fearful or on the other end of the spectrum, loving, it responded. It didn't matter how far away the person was either.

The documentary "The Secret Life of Plants" was made Walon Green in 1979.

Full Video:

It's worth seeing the whole thing.

and then you could probably post here of how you felt before and after you've seen the video!

Love & Light,
Ravi Raju

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i winced when they chopped up the cabbage in front of the other plant

and teaching the plant the alphabet ........oh my

i have no idea what to eat nowadays... i hope the plants don't mind...
Hi Reb,

I have turned a total vegetarian a few months ago and now I don't know what to do!!

Im in a FIX!!!! Hellllllllpppppp


Reb said:
i winced when they chopped up the cabbage in front of the other plant
and teaching the plant the alphabet ........oh my
i have no idea what to eat nowadays... i hope the plants don't mind...
Hi Spiritual Warrior of Love,

I do know about what you're talking of, about the consciousness and how our solar system and our universe manifested due to collective consciousness from a higher dimension but coming across something that can prove that consciousness exists in Plants with a three dimensional experiment is what we have not been told about.. knowing at a spiritual level is different, as we live in a world where everything needs proof and when the proof was given, we weren't told about it! and this actually if known would send you on a tangential path of thinking even before the spiritual realization dawns in.

Ravi, I posted something on the veggie-thing a couple of weeks ago about fruitmeat and how this is surposed to be the ideal food for humans (the ascending human anyways), as fruits are the one food we dont need to kill to eat. Its right that plants do have a counsiousness, but they only feel a "little" discomfort when we cut up and eat them. Whereas animals do feel more, and on the other hand have the right frequency to be uptaken in an other organism.
So I would suggest, if you still want to eat vegetables, you just thank the plant for giving you the nourishment.

Love to you
Thanks Ravi, again some fantastic information from you. namaste.
I have telepathically spoken to plants for a while now I know that they think and feel like we do. As for any one feeling guilty for eating plants, sorry to tell you this but by the time they are at your dinner table their dead any way.

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