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I have been waiting to post this blog, and would have posted it in the blog section, except of course that it was taken down this week. Unfortunate. That was the best section of the site, to me. Not to mention the thousands of blogs that were posted there are no longer available to the people of this community. So, good going................*rolls eyes*

But anyway, I have spent the last 9 days reading every channeling I could find, reading every reaction to 12-21-12 I could find, and if I have to come to a conclusion, it is this: The human mind can convince itself of ANYTHING.


It's like taking the placebo. You convinced yourself you swallowed real medicine, and so your body starts to show signs of improvement. But you only swallowed sugar. But you allowed yourself the delusion.

And that's what a majority, not all mind you, but a majority of this entire New Age Movement is, a huge delusion.

I'm not talking about positive thinking, or meditation, or even the scientific end of this, like sacred geometry or quantum physics. Every one of these things is great, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to back them up. There is much power in positive thinking, there are true benefits of sacred geometry, there is even much power in reading inspirational posts. Hey, if it lifts you up and improves you, then, I'm all for it.

But I'm talking about the GRAND DELUSION here. And I'll use a few examples:

People like SaLuSa. And others like him. SaLuSa conveniently went on vacation from December 12th to the 28th, and just returned to post. I'm sure you can find his last channeling out there on one of these sites. But it read exactly like I thought it would. A bunch of backpeddling, a bunch of "if you didn't feel the changes, then you weren't ready" a bunch of "some people felt the changes" and then on top of it all, Mike Quinsey decides to stop channeling SaLuSa three days a week to just down to Fridays. And you gotta love how all these channelings are scheduled channelings, like these great grand spiritual wizards need some sort of 3D schedule when to open their cosmic lines.

Now remember something here. SaLuSa, and others like him, talked of a great December 21st event THAT WOULD LEAVE PEOPLE IN AWE!!!!!!!!!!!! IN AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An earth shattering event, KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF EVENT that would shock the world. "WE have a divine schedule to keep, and if you don't manifest the changes yourself, we will have to do them ourselves, we of the Galactic Federation of Light!!!" Then nothing. A complete fake orgasm. Then they all say the same thing afterwards. "Well, if you were paying attention and really trying, you would have felt it." Or "Well. we only just moved into 4D." Or a bunch of other half lame ass excuses.

Listen folks, NOTHING HAPPENED. There was no DNA to crystalline switchover. No one ascended from the earth. No inner earth beings came up out of the ground to meet us. There were no ascension chambers. There were no mass landing of ships. There was no disclosure event. there was no NESARA Announcement, there was no Keshe Foundation announcement. There was no giant rays of light. There was no Sananda, or Arch Angels or Flying Lizard people. There was nothing of the sort.

Oh, there were some events this week, sure. Congress voting on warrantless reading of emails. A call for gun confiscation. Obama trying to pass his implantable microchip for health care resolution. Indefinite detention for anyone who speaks out against the government, according to the latest in the NDAA bill. Sure, all sounds like enlightened stuff, right? No, its just more typical police state stuff. The hammer is still coming down, but everyone is too fluffed out on Unicorn dust to smell it.

There was no Benjamin Fulford "December 21st will be the day we reset the calendar" There was no GALACTIC ALIGNMENT, there wasn't even a planetary alignment that day. There was no Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The best astrologers on the planet cannot even agree when the starting of the age of Aquarius is. Some of the dates are off by thousands of years.

You know what this whole thing is? It's another religion. Just like any other religion, where millions of people start nodding in agreement to something they think they understand. Millions think Jesus will return to Earth. Millions thought the world would end on January 1st 2000. Millions think the moon is hollow and dragged here by our Pleiadian brothers. You can convince anybody of ANYTHING! Shit, millions STILL think that Obama Bin Laden did 9-11. When the evidence COMPLETELY shows he did not, but MILLIONS choose to believe the hypnosis.

And that's all the New Age movement is. Another form of hypnosis. Listening to some of these interviews is like listening to a bunch of mental patients in an asylum, discussing their lizard beings and thier Galactic Commanders coming down from the sky and visiting them.

OK, I have studied this field for 25 years. 25 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is alot I believe in. There is alot of conspiratorial stuff out there that needs mature, real investigation. I believe in extra terrestrials, and I believe that this world has been visited in the past, and is still being visited. I put my faith into EVIDENCE. For example, it makes more sense to me that the pyramids were built by extra-terrestrials or influenced by ET's than man having done this himself.Why? Simple. We cannot even duplicate that megalithic architecture technology NOW, in the 21st century.

But so much of the New Age movement has taken the research that many take seriously and have run over the edge of the cliff with it. I'm tired of hearing about Hilarion and the 6th Ring of the Open Gates, or "I'm Gilderzaaad of the 11th Dimension coming though the Great Lizard Eeklethorpe's asshole. Smell my message........"

Enough is enough. There are not 40 Arch Angel Michaels, or 12 different St. Germains. Most of this channeling stuff is pure bullshit, get it? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! It's bullshit. Say it with me. B. U. L. L. S. H. I. T.  ...bullshit.

WE all want to believe in something bigger than ourselves, and now I get to watch all these channelers and their followers picking through the words of these channelings, looking for something they might have missed this week. Blossom Goodchild and a few others going on about how they were depressed for a few days after December 21st. Then they were saying in their messages to the public "Am I experiencing the great three days of Darkness?? IS THIS THE THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS!?!?!??!"

NO, you stupid monkey, you're NOT. You're experiencing depression, just like anyone else would. Stop labeling it, stop making it into something mystical or abstract or surreal, and start seeing this shit for face value.

You know what this is? All this mystification and over-blowing of simple every day experiences? It's an addiction. And these people are sifting the words of these channelings just like a junkie would sift the carpet for a piece of crack that fell onto the floor from off the table, and he will search and search until he finds something, ANYTHING, to stick in his pipe to smoke.

I don't mean to sound sardonic. I have been with this site for over 4 years. I have no regrets, and I don't plan on going anywhere. (But you ought to put the blog section back up, that's for sure.) But, we need to be realistic about this stuff. REALLY REALISTIC.

I'm tired of the airy fairy attitude of the new age movement. Its an insult to real research. I'm tired of the Steve Beckows, who will quote from 6 or 7 sources in his blogs, but the 6 or 7 sources are all mythical figures from channeling. "Well, Salusa says this, and Arch Angel Micheal says that, and Hilarion says this....."

Oh yeah, well ain't that nice. He might as well say to us, "Well, Santa Claus said this, and the Easter Bunny said that. And the Tooth Fairy said this. And the Spaghetti Monster said that."

It's ALL BULLSHIT. I actually feel sorry for these people. OK, they are stuck in a trap. I know how it feels. I let myself get a little stuck there, too. Hoping for the best, wanting real change, wanting some extraterrestrial help, some disclosure, a chance for the human race to mature and start living more truthful lives.

But it ain't happening! Yes, and that sucks. It truly does. So what's the real message in all of this? So as lightworkers, as truth tellers, what the hell is our responsibility?

Simple. We continue our research, and we continue to wake people up. But with TRUTH. Ok, no more magical romps through the forest, riding our metaphorical unicorn while his mystical horn continues to penetrate our assholes with its flowery visions and light ships of love. ENOUGH!

Continue to meditate. Continue to love one another. Continue to be forgiving. Continue to improve your own lives, and take the time to help others. But let go of the DELUSIONS. Bottom line. Believing in Hilarion or St. Germain is as stupid as believing the government. In fact, be smart enough to know that most of these channelings are done by the dark forces. And for a simple reason. To slow you down, to lull you to sleep, and while you spend years waiting for the ships to arrive, and for the gold and prosperity to rain down on you, all the while they put their police state into force, and continue to pass their draconian legislation.

I'm tired of hearsay. I'm tired of Wilcock, Fulford, Poof, Drake, and all these other claimers of inside information telling us the same thing the channeling world tells us. And we all know that word.


Well, soon never comes, does it.

It's alright though, it's all good. None of this stuff has shattered my faith. If anything, it just goes to prove what I already knew, and convince me to double my efforts. You cannot count on anyone but yourself. Let these channelers go on spouting how December 21st was a huge success, and how they are now living in the 5th dimension, and that the third dimension has passed. WTF??? Go figure that bunch of horse shit out. Last time I looked out the window, the third dimension was still there. Go let these so called INSIDERS continue to spout their news once a week about how the prosperity packages are only days away, and that change is right around the corner. Go let these New Agers do what I have read all week long, which is to say, "Oh, the change is just beginning, and 2013 will change everything!"

Will it really? Didn't they all say that 12 months ago? 2012 will change everything? Then the year before that? Or the year before that? Or how about the 15 years of Sheldan Nidle channelings. 15 years of SOON SOON SOON.

OK, I've ranted enough. People who know me here, know my dedication to the field, and know my feelings for all of you. Anyone who doesn't know me, probably thinks this blog reads like a maniacal rant, and that "hey. this guy ain't a lightworker at all." Well, think what you want. I know what I have contributed to this field of study, and I know that like any field of study, you have to wipe away layer upon layer of smelly crap in order to get at the truth and heart of it.

So my good friends, and fellow light workers, and members of the human race: How did December 21st effect you? Was it another letdown, like October 14th 2008? Was there any personal epiphany in your lives? Was it just another day? Did you wake up and smell the bullshit that day?

I'll part by saying this. My faith is stronger than ever. I never believed December 21st to be a day that all kinds of magic would happen, despite the OBVIOUS bullshit of channelers, who NOW are changing their entire story. We are in a period of change. A window of change. A window of change that does reflect what many ancient prophecies have said. We will hit a societal rock bottom low, then we will rebuild. But we are still in that low. Unfortunate too. Police state action, government a mess, lies upon lies upon lies fed to the people. But even mathematically, it cannot sustain itself. Something will have to give. It's simple physics. Then a new world will dawn. Will it be a Mad Max total anarchy world? Or will it be a restructuring of society and a golden age? I don't know. Maybe the first, then the next. We had a dark age before last hundreds of years. Some say 800-1000 years. It's possible it could happen again.

But one thing is for sure. All any of us have is TODAY. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. And yesterday is already gone. So what are you going to do with your day TODAY? Are you going to live it, or are you going to read about unicorns and spaceships saving our future while man eating lizards disembowel our children?

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jeez, i thought i was the only one who could rant......


nothing happened on the 21st december?

not true, it was my kid's school inset day that day which my kid had looked forward to :)





you take care, p.a. :)))

We are in a prison planet .. we are living on a prison planet.. WHO IS GONNA SAFE US.. wtf WE NEED TO SAFE OUR SELVES!!!
There were no space ships of any kind, no angels appeared, no special attraction of outer world were present.. nothing were attracked.. nothing zipp nadaa.. Am I disappointed. YES I AM.. but with me many were :(
is it all a hoax, my feeling says yes.. but yet it could be true, so many effidence is there to see and to control! BUT WHY THERE WASN'T MANY EVIDENCE FOR US NORMAL PEOPLE TO SEE ?!!?
Did this whole acopalypse thing was a imagination of many peoples mind? I say it could be possible.. but yet then I have to admitt I'm one of Them :( !! The whole World is a BIG MESS and i wanna get rid of it!!!

Thnx PA your text doesn't need further examine, it is clear as the next day of our existence ;-)

Always a pleasure to digest your intake on matters PA.

As for "(But you ought to put the blog section back up, that's for sure.)... well the BLOG section was meant for articles just like this.

Real life input, alas it was once again becoming filled with content that belonged in its appropriate forum section.

I will look into returning the BLOG section next week, when returned then any inappropriate content will immediately upon detection be deleted. Thus leaving space for gems like this ;-)

p.s. the BLOG posts still exist, they have just become personalised and reachable via members home pages and can still be created.

for example:

A BLOG posted today.

So probably when the section returns so will its content.

you were right to have temporarily removed the BLOG section.

sorry for any inconvenience, tony.

Tony said:

Always a pleasure to digest your intake on matters PA.

As for "(But you ought to put the blog section back up, that's for sure.)... well the BLOG section was meant for articles just like this.

Real life input, alas it was once again becoming filled with content that belonged in its appropriate forum section.

I will look into returning the BLOG section next week, when returned then any inappropriate content will immediately upon detection be deleted. Thus leaving space for gems like this ;-)

love this post.
i had been affiliated to a few spiritual groups in the past, one or two of which i felt i had given away too much power, effort and money to. i woke up one day broke, tired and still had them telling me to update their website, or why couldn't I muster enough energy to help them promote their courses?

i think 2012 had been a year of taking back my power. i don;t intend to give it away to anyone other than myself and my interests from now onwards

:) :) :)
'' - Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. You have made it. You are here. What a remarkable thing humanity has accomplished! We are so filled with joy, filled with excitement, filled with overwhelming love for each and every one of you because you have created moving into the new age.

We are so excited and so, so proud. We invite you to take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. It has not been an easy journey, and we understand that. You have fought through the density. You have believed. You have waved your faith like a flag. You have been fearless. You have shown courage and tenacity.

You have been the wayshowers, the path pavers and the ones who will continue to lead the way through your brilliant examples, and we couldn’t be more happy for you because things are about to change in the most magnificent ways. Most of humanity has been aware of this pivotal alignment that you are sitting in right now.

Many, such as yourselves, have seen it for what it is, for being a brand new beginning, a new cycle. Just as you mark the solstice as being the end of the darkness, and the beginning of the influx of light again, so it is with this age. It is the end of the darkness and the beginning of the light, of The Golden Christed Age.''

..Hang on guys. LOVE,LOVE .

'' WHEN YOU REACH A POINT OF TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT , ...THAN  ,IS THE ''TIME'' WHEN YOU WILL START TO SEE RESULTS''       ...was like final ''VOID'' before happenings. I can see,All things falling in it's places slowly but surely :) NAMASTE guys. LOVE. 

I actually enjoyed reading your "rant" post ,because I have felt this way so many times, but my "heart" always wins, over my angry mind (even when "disappointment", causes it to feel broken. ) Maybe I'm naive, but I have to believe things are going to change for the better, because the "knowing" is there, ingrained in the deepest part of my being !!

I agree in the importance of content being posted versus not posted, the forum is the ideal place as it groups content thus making retrieval and locating it simplified. The introduction message and index which all new members  receive when signing up helps them navigate through the content without to much effort.

Maybe a week or two without the BLOG section will help members facilitate the concentration of information for easy retrieval as they are now asked to select a group in which to place the content. If no appropriate section can be found then the easy to follow links outlay how to request a new section. There is nothing more easier than the A-Z index of content for locating members favourite content where all related articles are posted. 

The BLOG area was being filled with content which you indicate to be (and i agree) "phoney baloney channelers and their misinformation", GEMS such as yours for which the BLOG area was intended were lost in the "phoney baloney channelers and their misinformation".

A great shame, so once again a call to all, only use the BLOG area for LIVE interactive posts i.e. your own words not copied content of any other source. When the BLOG area returns I will give it that description, until then hopefully members will become accustomed to selecting an area in which to concentrate their information for easy location and retrieval by other members. 

And Thanks to you "Besimi", your posts and comments always make me feel better !   :)

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