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David Wilcock Meets ETs Member Exclusive Rumor - First Contact has been going on since 2012

I got this from a forum, I'm not an exclusive member of his website, so this may be a rumor, I don't know, He says he will write more about it soon.

DivineCosmos Member Exclusive News Update 8/13 - David Wilcock Gives An Account Of His Trip To The Olympics In London - First Contact Has Occurred

My Expedition To The Olympic Games - Hard To Put In Words

My trip to the Olympics was no less than extraordinary. I'm finding it hard to articulate the sheer magnitude of my experience as it impacted me and most importantly, mankind. I had been tipped off by no less than three insiders by the time I decided to make the trip to London. Two insiders has contacted me when I wrote my last membership exclusive update and a third called me when I was on the way to the airport and corroborated what the other two had told me. Prepare for first contact.

While I Was Expecting First Contact To Be A Public Spectacle, It Turned Out To Be A Private Affair

By August 11th I started having doubts as to why I had not seen anything to indicate first contact. That afternoon is when my world turned upside down. An average looking English man sat next to me as I watched the track and field events. He handed me an envelope and then looked directly in my eyes and said, "This is what you waited for your whole life. We appreciated your work. Now reap the rewards". Stunned I started questioning him right away. But as soon as he said what he had to say he simply ignored me and left. I immediately opened the envelope and the only thing written on the note inside was a time and place. I left and went back to my hotel room to review what just occurred with my support staff. I traveled to London with only two other good friends and volunteers at DivineCosmos. After about 3 hours of discussion, weighing the risks of going to the location at the time in the note I decided to take the risk and go.

What Happened Next Was Simply Amazing

I thought long and hard about whether to take the time to find out what this was all about. The location was about 75 miles outside of where I was staying in London. Part of me thought someone recognized me and was just up to a hoax. But after much thought my inner guidance instructed me to go. I arrived about 25 minutes before the time written in the note at the location. The location was given as a set of GPS coordinates. It was outside of a small town in a clearing in a forest. It appeared as if the trees were recently cut down in the clearing as I could see fresh wood chips and saw dust on the ground. This was in the middle of nowhere other than the small town that was about 5 miles away. I was sworn to secrecy about telling others of the location and time of this miraculous event.

Others Were Already There Waiting When I Arrived

There were about 50 other people standing in the clearing when I arrived. A few government types but mostly it seemed like ordinary people who were just as perplexed as I was. Others arrived after I did. However exactly at the time given in the note the area was sealed off by more government types who I didn't immediately notice upon my arrival. They were guarding the perimeter of the clearing. This made the people there a bit nervous, by then I estimate about 70 had arrived. There were only a few of the government agents among the crowd and when they saw we were starting to wonder why the perimeter was being shut off they assured us that anyone could leave whenever they wished and that everyone was safe. I met a doctor, a police officer and a veterinarian among others. There were people there from all professions. About 10 minutes after the area was sealed off from anyone else entering is when the magic happened.

What Happened Next I Will Never Forget

The people there started to get a bit anxious. But there anxiousness soon turned to awe. A whitish metallic ship was spotted in the sky towards the north. I'll never forget as one gentlemen began shouting that he was seeing something in the sky. Immediately the whole crowd of about 70 were fixed on the incoming object. It was approaching our location and coming closer and closer. It was simply surreal. The craft came ever closer and eventually started to hover about 200 feet off the ground above our heads. It was a white ceramic metallic looking oval shaped craft. There were a few strange looking characters that I could see on one side. The characters looked similar to those in our alphabet but I could not recognize them. The craft then landed.

There Was Anticipation And Excitement In The Air

It took about one minute, but seemed like an eternity, before a hatch opened and a walkway from the hatch to the ground rolled out automatically. An extraterrestrial appeared in the opening. The crowd gasped with awe. It was a male in strange clothing. He looked human from my vantage point but I was about 250 feet away so it was hard to see any anatomical details. He then simply smiled and waved at the crowd. The crowd then cheered with total excitement! It was so surreal I wish that you all could have been there. The man standing in the opening got a standing ovation. His smile got bigger as he saw the crowd's reaction. I can now in retrospect take an educated guess that the people chosen for this epic event were chosen because they were vetted by some sort of international government welcoming committee to be able to accept and react positively to contact based on the crowd's positive reaction.

They Were Human, Just Like Us

Twelve in all walked down out of the craft and into the crowd for a meet and greet. My eyes were filled with tears. I finally got my chance to speak to a few of them. I had so many questions to ask them. Where were they from, what is their history, what is our history. What I learned that day has verified all that I had studied throughout the years. I will share those details for my next public article which I hope to get done in the next two weeks. The meet and greet lasted about an hour before our visitors boarded their ship and left.

Post Meet And Greet Briefing

After our friends left one of the government types addressed the awestruck crowd. He told us that we were not the first who had this experience. That there were 4 other groups chosen and that this same event occurred at different locations around the world. That these meet and greets had started in January of 2012 and would continue until the end of the year. That the good guys and the ETs were circumventing various parts of the world governments that opposed disclosure. But most importantly that by the end of this year or sometime late in 2013 we would have a single world disclosure event with ships making themselves seen in our skies so that no one can deny the obvious truth. That we are not alone. And not only are we not alone that we on Earth are just one branch of the human family that is spread out throughout this galaxy. He also told us that this plan was put in place to lessen the panic. He encouraged us to 'spread the news' of this event. I think this plan is brilliant and I feel honored to have been a part of one of the first groups chosen to experience this.

Just Returned From London, More To Come

This trip was physically as well as emotionally draining and I need to get some rest and absorb all that happened in order to better articulate it to those who visit DC. But I plan to make this report part of my public website as soon as possible, hopefully in the next two weeks. There are many more details and I feel this will be my most important update I have ever given. I thank you for your support. I look forward to filling you all in on the repercussions of this latest awe inspiring event!

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I think someone is trying to discredit him.

 I tried to find something that verifies it, but can't find anything.  Nothing on so maybe it is a hoax.  Oh well, I wish it was true.
here is a posting saying that David said it was  a hoax:
The discussion-forum website Godlike Productions has featured writings from an impostor, posing as me.
Many were fooled by this campaign. I have now had it forwarded to me by about seven or eight different people through email chain letters.
Let me be absolutely clear: there are no "member excusive" writings here or anywhere else. Any and all things I write, with the sole exception of the Source Field book, are posted freely online.
Furthermore, I do not post writings anywhere else but on this site.
I did not go to the London Olympics. No "First Contact" occurred. The whole thing is a hoax.

why bother the effort to publish this BS.. 



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