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This documentary film will be the testimony of risks involved in Shamanism: (1) losing yourself in the light or the darkness of your recently awakened emotions or (2) misinterpreting the feelings or visions. This could lead to schizophrenia in the event these journeys not be guided by competent Shamans or compliant with an unyielding discipline and strict diet.

This documentary film will be the testimony of a personal and subjective adventure.

The film will primarily show the therapeutic power of the Shamans and their plants. This power is a type of ancestral psychoanalysis or human psychotherapy backed by 4,000 years of experience and practice. The film will allow the Shamans to speak for themselves. It will show how their cultures and their belief systems culminate from their knowledge of the Invisible. (Excerpt from main website)

Please visit the official website for more information:

Namaste, L&L, R.

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You're most welcome cancapscorp!

Namaste, L&L, R.

cancapscorp said:
Thank you for adding this video. I left another group that encouraged seekers in a reckless and irresponsible manner and karmically could not be involved with promoting anything inviting the seeker to leave their common sense at the door.

"Guided" anything is only as good as the guide. Spirituality includes the total dissolution of reality at which point the seeker is on the edge separating the profane and the divine. There are too many examples, those which I have seen myself, that demand respect of the " other worlds" that open, often unintentionally, to one who has not been prepared for the experience.
Building a foundation to support the experiences you are seeking go beyond learning a chant or " technique".
Thanks, again.
Great documentary Ravi, lately I have been watching videos about Ayahuasca and Shamanism for some reason that's one of the subjects I am interested. I believe I am trying to find the answer to my daughters problems and I am trying to seek a more deep understanding of what is going on with her. i wish i could heal her my self but I think one of the problems is me and I may need healing too...
Thank you

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