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Date: 2009-04-25, 10:01PM EDT - From The Andromedan Collective Consciousness

Date: 2009-04-25, 10:01PM EDT

From The Andromedan Collective Consciousness

(Contributed by Fergie)
From The Andromedan Collective Consciousness

You have asked what to do and how to cope with the changes that are now being manifested in your third dimensional world

You are a sovereign being and have all the answers within yourself but, sometimes the turmoil that you are living in makes it more challenging to connect at times

Your connection with your Higher Self and I AM Presence in this moment is paramount for you to be steady in your ascension, look within and listen; you are being guided step by step by your higher aspects, the ascended masters, the Archangels and us if you ask us. Each ascension is individual and presents different challenges. There is no blanket guidelines so use your feelings to guide you to what feels right in each moment.

We suggest the following

-Prayer or chanting at rising (even before you brush your teeth!!!)to tune in as soon as you open your eyes
-Closing your communication with the astral plane (just by having the intention you could say “I close all communications that originate upon the astral plane”)
-Surrounding yourself with the violet transmuting flame
-Eating fresh and raw fruit and vegetables (to keep your vibration high)
-Affirming regularly “I AM the ascended master (insert your name)”
-Get acquainted with the crystal kingdom and make your own crystal essences (very supportive in this time)
-Switch off your television for good and ignore the news. Follow your intuition for guidelines on what it is necessary for your personal circumstances.
-Simplify your life to allow for at least 3 hours meditation daily (morning, mid day and evening)
-Commune with nature and other beings in the same path

But more than anything else please remember and remind yourself, that the third dimension you see with your physical eyes does not exists, nor the people as egos really…they are all beautiful light beings beyond their conflicts and misdoings so be prepared to have compassion, forgive and forget all hurts by blessing them with the love of your understanding

You must keep your vibration high now, no matter what

You are very close to the point of ascension and if you focus on your divinity the bliss is there strong as never before and will lift you and accelerate your cells increasing you light quotient very quickly.

Do not engage with the provocations that are coming thick and fast; detach, detach, detach and love, love, love yourself until your giggle…You are only responsible for your own ascension…

We praise your progress and we are sending ( to all of you divine beings without exception ) all our love and strength in your transfiguration

The Andromedan Collective Consciousness

Transmited through Andromeda with love :)

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