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Just saw this from another web forum, and it struck me, what this might mean in regards to Solfeggio frequencies. In this video, sound prompting sand particles to form complex but stable structures. When watching it, you have to think is this what solfeggio is doing to body mind and soul. Is it harmonising the particles of our beings perhaps!

Then of course it makes one think, how easy it could be to disrupt harmony and equilibrium of our beings by the wrong kind of sounds. Perhaps in the form of emotion, but perhaps even intentionally by sound itself (HARRP maybe), or unintentionally by our modern environments - electronic equipment and such could very well be disrupting the equilibrium of our beings.

I think generally we don't pay enough attention to sound and the effects it has on us. I know personally I am susceptible to noise, and if I don't get a good amount of quite time - I go friggen bonkers.

ramble over

should add - first minute or so of vid very boring - some dude rambling away - just skip that bit and get to the sand forms.

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i think somebody should experiment with the solfeggio frequencies and sand, just to make sure they are in harmony. i didnt listen to the vid, so im not sure if those are solfeggio, but it would be interesting to hear ravis freqencies with sand.
yeah - agreed - I wonder how easy it would be. Might have to dig up some old speakers I have in the garage

Look at what Just words can do to the structures created out of water.

Our body contains more than 60% water and now look below for what is created when water is exposed to the Solfeggio Frequencies!


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