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Hey guys i was wondering if anyone had any information they could help me with.. As some of you already know I've been labeled Bi-Polar schitzoeffaffective... When really I just experianced an awakening..:):) I've stopped taking my medicine and I've been just great..I'm getting defensive though when the theropists and social workers keep wanting to make me take the meds..isn't there some law that would go agianst my spiritual beliefs.. I dont know i wanted to see if this would generate any feedback but I think I'm going to get some legal consaltant..

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My advice to you is if your are going to stop taking them do it slowly and letting them you want off because is your right to not take them. I don't think they can do anything if they see that you are been honest but also cautious about it.
In my opinion none should stop abruptly taking meds cause it can create a trauma in your body and mind not a good thing fro them to see you just stopping. You may feel good now but you can also start having side effects from not taking them.
I tell you this cause my daughter was diagnose with the same disorder and O am slowly taking the meds off and so far the social worker and doctors are fine as long as I do it like that.
Take care
Don't feel guilty to want to stop taking them dear Amanda, I, of course, think you should talk to your doctors about it, I'm sure there will be a solution between how you feeling about the medicines and how they can keep the treatment going... Perhaps some other kind of medicine as Ayurvedic can help you too... Love you my friend =)
Hello Amanda, listen to your inner been, all the answers are within... Perhaps a good nutrition also can help. If you combine everything and you see yourself a "whole" human been with good nutrition, good state of mind, perhaps even exercise to release tensions, meditation, etc... the outcome "must be" positive. The most important part is listen to yourself, if you feel good when you take a decision, it means that you are in the correct path for you, on the contrary, if you take a decision and you feel bad... chances are that decision may not be the best possible solution.
All the answers are within and how you feel about the decisions is the guidance system.
Proud of you Sis!!! =) Love you!!!

Amanda said:
I wanted to update this information. I currently talked with my psychologist and my therapist. My therapist agrees to meet me where I'm at lol. So she's willing to understand my views on not taking my med. My psychologist on the other hand threw me for a loop..I was waiting in the lobby taking deep breathes anticipating a lecture and the worst. When I got back to her office I told her I was working now, and sleeping well everything was fine. She looked at me and said well your doing well you don't need to see me anymore. I was shocked she said apperiantly the therapy is working and I don't need her whatever I'm doing is working...I got out there in a heart beat and was like yes yes See all I had was a spiritual awakening and I had to learn to keep grounded. Looking into agate for It's great though it's like welcome to your new body..and all I want to do is keep acsending. Keeping on the path to doing whats right by our creator..:):) Keeping true to oneself..

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