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I put this together quickly! What do you guys think? Are we exactly where we are supposed to be?? :D

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It seems that right now we're being hit by something that wasn't there yesterday or the day before (picture from July 6th above).

Now, as you can clearly see, we're in the red!! (Above picture is today July 7th)

What do you guys think???
regardless of what happens... i still don't remember pictures from Nasa being appart of the 10.14.08 lol.... but even still its great to have open minds and deffinitly somthing is going on up there..who knows what the out come will be...It sure does look like that crop circle though!!!! :o) Nice one!
Sun's storms set to intensify

ASTRONOMERS are claiming that Earth is witnessing the biggest and most powerful Sunspot ever seen and the sunspot is yet to peak in intensity.

A sunspot is a magnetic storm on the surface of the sun and the area of the spot is colder than the normal surface.

The normal surface is about 5000 degrees, the temperature of a sunspot is about 3000 degrees.

The size of a sunspot varies, ranging from the size of the moon to 65 times larger than the size of earth and lasts for about a month then fades away.

This newest sunspot is thought to be 60 to 80 times the size of Earth and has occurred on the side of the sun, which is in view of Australia.

Wappa Falls Observatory head astronomer Owen Bennedick describes the sunspot shape like the letter S and thinks it to be approximately 150,000 km long and 30,000 km wide.

“It's flares have not yet been measured,” Owen Bennedick said, “but it is like hundreds of thousands of hydrogen bombs.”

The flares have been so bright that NASA has had trouble taking accurate pictures of the sunspot.

Mr Bennedick said the sunspot is still growing in intensity but predicts it could climax by today.

The sunspot will cause the Earth's atmosphere to heat up, potentially creating problems to powerlines, radio transmitters and delicate equipment such as mobile phones and computers.

Mr Bennedick suggests powerline filters be installed on computers and people should put on extra sunscreen.

Sunspots appear on the sun in cycles, occurring every 11 years, the current cycle has four years until it reaches it peak.

The last sunspot happened two years ago and was the most powerful flare yet measuring x28.

Most sunspot flares measure around x12 which is still considered powerful.

The Sunspot two years ago was 45 times larger than the earth and lasted for 45 days.

Since that sunspot, no more had been seen until Sunday, this latest one considered the most powerful yet.

The Wappa Falls Observatory is in the process of installing a new 12 inch telescope which will allow a greater view of the sky.

The new telescope was bought in honour of Kerry Mounter who recently passed away.

Mr Mounter was an inspiration to all who worked at the Wappa Falls Observatory. The telescope will be dedicated to his memory.
It's 11:03 pm here - 7th july.

Nothing happened.
"Sunspot 1024 has stopped growing and solar flare activity is subsiding. Credit: SOHO/MDI"
Its not like something has not happen really, yesterday there was some b and c class solar x-ray

here is how it is right now

But tbh i don't know what to make out of it
This link shows better
past 3 days have been pretty active nothing seriuous really , today have been pretty quiet nothing speciel

There was a small burst from the sun yesterday ,but to my understanding it was nothing speciel that would do any harm
haha can keep your nails..i believe you that your positive about it.... thats your truth.and that is the beauty of it..

Ian = Shark said:
Well i´m so positive that nothing will happen that i would offer my lil finger in a bet. However that is to much Kill bill alike, so i will bet 10 nails.

cheers babe
even if we do witness a huge solar flare, it will take 3 days to reach us, so i'll wax all the hairs on my chest if anything happens today...
could the sun be dying?
what i must admit is that the crop circle predictions are pretty scary, they never said anything dangerous would happen, just something would happen on 7th july involving the sun, and today is the 1st time in over 600 days something has happened that is of any interest, so that in itself is pretty amazing.
i may have to go back on my words about crop circles, so here is my 1st public apology. namaste

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