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I will have to say, i know everyone has the solfeggio frequencies, but have you all heard of the Crystal singing bowls, all i can say with those are wow, and they are very powerful. I have all the audio clips In fact i have them in my music player, ON another site. The frequencies really open your chakras and get them going. They are pretty amazing at first they do sound a little weird but you have to feel them as well as listen to them. They have been a big help in my awakening, along with the Solfeggio Frequencies

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do you have a link to a page to learn more about it? look for my playlist in the right panel
Dear Aaron

Is there a posebility that you put these frequencies on your page Saviors of Earth. It will be great for all others to experience it.

Love&Light for you Aaron

I just spot the link !! ahum
Trudy thanks for the idea, I didn't believe it was going to work putting it on my Page, but my playlist is now up on there now. So you can listen to it. I strongly suggest number 2 then 3 then you can listen to the rest.

Number 2 is like an introduction to Crystal singing Bowls
Hi Aaron, I have a nice crystal bowl mp3 on my playlist. It's called 02 short lol... but the Artist is Jasmin Poon.

I seem to feel more relaxed with these tunes than the original Solfeggio tunes that were once given through the 10-14-08 blogspot site. But that is something very personal and everyone needs to decide for themselves what works best. One exception regarding the Solfeggio matters for me: the Holy Harmony 9 Solfeggio video that is on this forum. I only have to think of it and I feel enlightened and relaxed. Thanks Aaron, now I can add some extra sounds to my "ascencion music portfolio"

Love, Ninie

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