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Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove to be the new Galactic Federation Headquarters?

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Translated by Google from the Niburu site :
Recent UFO activity in Garden Grove

On October 10 this year were in Anaheim, Garden Grove, a number of UFOs were observed and filmed by witnesses. The sightings were soon by the police in Garden Grove dismissed as a remote-controlled aircraft with LED lighting. This statement by the police is not as strange, because as there is one day later emerged that images of other witnesses to see how many police vehicles chasing UFOs, this really seems to exist a cover-up.

Last Wednesday, October 27, filmed the same witnesses in the middle of the night another remarkable incident in Garden Grove. Accompanied by dozens of police cars, driving a trailer with a large odd-looking container through the city. Police warn bystanders shouted out the way to go due to danger. Above hung a number of escort helicopters. According to witnesses, the police chased some of the fields. The whole scenario looks like a repeat of what has been three weeks already occurred.
Thank you, Trudy
I think this is it. what a beautiful, and suitable building!

Beautiful pictures Bishop :))) Thank You my friend ~*L*~
Wow! What an amazing building!!!! Really, really beautiful.
It is very "outofthisworldly", lol.
As for being the GF headquarters...time will tell...

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