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Crop Circle Formation July 14th, 2009 - Interesting weave pattern

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Wauw ... What a beautiful circle ... the braided Earth ? ... really amazing .. so beautiful :)))
wow, this is unusual, these are my thoughts
to me it represents a frequency. Im not convinced that its ET. I say this as the very center is in the tractor line, and the circumference is flat in one direction. I imagine the circumference was made first then filled in by a small team. the outer arms also connect directly to the tractor lines, so i feel due to the circles position in the tractor lines this would make it easy to make by humans with out damaging the crops. Its a fairly simple formation, maybe this flattening is a new design idea and this simple circle is a test. Just my thoughts, but i do really wish humans would not ever make circles, , a for damaging crops and b, for the sake of this confusion!
But anyway, it looks cool :)

If they are the ones that made it, am sure they were savy enough to make a video of the process...which you will never see. Am sure this is a genuine one though. To me looks like a fabric. That would mean we are now sealed in as a planet probably by the crystalline firmament. Nothing that is not of 5D enters or leaves. Just musing.
i dont think a couple of drunks could hv bothered to make every braid mathematically correct...
u got that right. especially in the darkness without making a sound.

Reb said:
i dont think a couple of drunks could hv bothered to make every braid mathematically correct...
The circle is simple, but the content, the braid is high art.This is in no way made by people hands .
I'm amazed how beautiful it is really. ..these braids ???? sealed,re-done,compact, healed... ... taken care of.
................................................................thanx Tranceman. ...I'm saving this to my pictures.

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