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The "Illuminati" is watching? Reffering to the owl on the dollar and why its there. (Just my first thought)
Totally cool!
well this seems like a sign to me for certain reasons, maybe just coincidence but... last night i was laying out watching the sky hoping to catch a glympse of a couple meteors falling from the perseid meteor shower that happens every year between july 14 and august 26, (the peak of the shower is usually between august 11-13th) (which my birthday falls during that time..)
But while i was star gazing i happened to see this object pass over me, looked like it was gliding possibly, because i heard no noise at all.. it had no lights on it at all.. but looked like it could possibly be an airplane but i thought to myself "wouldnt it be illegal to fly without any lights on..?" i did notice it seemed to be light colored like maybe white-ish etc.. (so of course i was thinking about ufo's as well) ;)
BUT i always try to make logical explanations 1st.. and one thought that really seemed possible to me was maybe it was an OWL as they do fly at night. and the other coincidence is that the greatest number of crop circles throughout the year happen in august.
Anyways maybe im just looking for connections and signs that dont mean a thing but since my dad passed away on the 30th of last month i have been receiving many signs and it has caused me to look deeper into everything now. so maybe it all means something maybe it doesnt, just thought i'd share it since it was on my mind. :)
Still like to think it was a UFO also though ;)
Thank you Simone :)
I am leaning towards it meaning the new sun energies will bring us great wisdom. lovely circle!

Simone said:
That's an interesting one, I'm looking forward to the commentaries. It looks like there is a lot of detail on the outer edges also. I think the nose shape in the middle has been interpreted as a symbol for CMEs in past crop circles and it is interesting that the 'owl' is inside a sun design. I've heard about the owl being an illuminati symbol. It's too bad that a lot of the cool symbols and animals are being 'hijacked' to symbolize other things in a negative sense. The owl is also a symbol for wisdom I'd like to think and hope that is the meaning and not the alternative of what it symbolizes.
"Wisdom is coming~" o.o
or... "It'll be a Hoot"
If that´s an owl, and we like to give meaning to that crop circle, what about the meaning of the owl in the Mayan language?
In the Mayan language, the owl is called TUCUR which means ¨messengers from the Lords of the underworld¨

We have seen a lot of Mayan symbols in the crop circles, so, get all the meanings from all the cultures and see what we got...


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