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Creativity is very important. and creativity comes in many forms. Through creativity we find ourselves, we find beauty, we find bliss.

Being creative is very important in spiritual growth. Being creative is being productive, and from this we find happiness.

When people are free from the working slavery, they become creative. they write a book, paint a master piece, compose fine music.

I believe that fine creativity is a common trend for light workers, indigo's and crystals.

So what do you to be creative??

Personally, i live to be creative, and i am happiest when i am being creative.
At university, i study product design. i want to become a design engineer.
I love spinning poi, and staff, and other such like circus type stuff, juggling and dance. not to mention that the spinning and circus community is easily as loving as this one :)
I also like to play piano.

So what do you all do?

Namaste. L&L.

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I used to play the trumpet, studied musical theory from a young age onwards, enjoyed creative writing, acting, theater and dancing.

As I got older, only the writing, acting and theater remained.

Now, ever since starting my life anew, I've taught myself how to play the guitar and drums, am composing and performing music, I'm still writing, love acting and theater, and somehow managed to become part of a band which is composed entirely of myself and my two best friends. For some reason, I've become convinced I can dance and do so at the flimsiest of excuses, and my hobbies have started to include going to the gym with already very staggering results to my overall health.

I've also started devouring books, much like I used to in my childhood.

Sometimes I wonder where I find time for it all :)
I basically can do everything except... dance ballet..! LOL

May I take the opportunity to ask everyone here,
If I started a graphic novel about a war story between humanity and reptilians that I dreamt about a couple of years ago (yes, a series of dreams with PLOTS. LOL)

Would anybody like to read it?

Its been a project that has been swirling in my mind for a few years now, so I'm just asking here first. :)

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