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Council of Angels and Archangel Michael via Goldenlight: The Veils are Lifting as You Raise Your Frequencies to Match those of 5th Dimensional Mother Earth/Gaia 2012 December 23

Council of Angels and Archangel Michael via Goldenlight: The Veils are Lifting as You Raise Your Frequencies to Match those of 5th Dimensional Mother Earth/Gaia 2012 December 23

Council of Angels and Archangel Michael via Goldenlight: The Veils are Lifting as You Raise Your Frequencies to Match those of 5th Dimensional Mother Earth/Gaia

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.December 23, 2012
Message from Goldenlight: I woke up this morning wide awake at 7am (which rarely happens, as I’m a late sleeper).

What woke me up was the brilliancy of the light coming into my window and outside the window. It almost seemed to be surreal in its vibrancy and brilliancy. There were golden rays of light streaming in through my double blinds (a set of curtains over a louvre blind)……it was filling my room with this incredible golden light.

I got up from bed and tried to see where this light was coming from. I could see the sky through the blinds and it was a brilliant BRIGHT blue.
Outside was a brilliant, blinding “sun” but it didnt seem like the sun. It was extremely low in the sky and almost seemed to be perched outside on my lawn! Streaming from this beautiful globe of blinding yellow light were these beautiful rays of golden light coloring the entire view outside, then streaming into my window.

In my half-awake state, I remember thinking “This is different.” “Something is different and new about this.” All the colors seemed to be extremely bright and brilliant. I had also been dreaming all night intense dreams about higher dimensional concepts, and was taking part in much interdimensional travel in, around, and through the dimensions and visiting with many others to take part in higher dimensional conversations and activities.

It seems there is more activity in my dream life than my waking life. I have always traveled to the 4th and 5th dimension in my dreams, since I was a young child, visiting with relatives that have passed on, re-experiencing past lives, etc. So I guess in a sense I have always traveled in and out of the higher dimensions, between waking and sleeping.

When I woke up this morning, I felt as if I was being surrounded by a new higher reality, and had remained in a higher dimension between sleeping and awaking, instead of immediately transferring into the lower dimension upon waking. I went back to sleep, It was amazing, to say the least.

Most of my experiences thus far have been internal ones, but this experience this morning confirmed for me that we are indeed shifting into a higher reality and that the earth is birthing herself anew. I asked my Council of Angels and Archangel Michael about this experience and below is the message I received.

Good afternoon All, we are the Council of Angels and Archangel Michael. We wish to speak to you today of the experience the channel had this morning upon “waking”. The veils are being lifted between the dimensions now so that all may “ascend” or raise their frequency and consciousness to the higher realms.

The frequency of the earth is and has changed to a higher vibration, so you and your bodies are naturally “upshifting” to harmonize with these higher vibrations and frequencies.
The channel, Goldenlight has always been a “go-between” between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, normally traveling to the 4th and 5th in her dreamstate since she was a young child; this is a gift she was given as part of her pre-birth agreement to be a transmitter and receiver for information from the higher dimensional realms and the earthen realms.

All of you are waking up to your missions now, as not only the veils to the higher dimensions, but also the veils over your memories of your missions, your journey as a soul, and your origin as a soul are lifted. This happened to the channel in August of 2012 and has been increasing gradually.

What she experienced this morning was a removal of the veil between the dimensions, and was able to go from dreaming in the 5th dimension to seamlessly transitioning to being in the same dimension as she awoke from sleep. This was a most beautiful experience of higher dimensional love, light and harmony which many of you will begin to have from here on. You see this entire process of shifting yourselves into the higher dimensions is a gentle one, according to your own vibrations and frequencies.

Everything that you can do at this time to raise your frequency will assist you in first tuning in, then entering into these higher realities. This is the new reality which we are all entering…and we say we, because we of the angelic realms experience these things with you, as we are ever near to assist and to send you our unconditional love.

Be patient with yourselves and with this process, then. Meditate, raise your vibrations, and think positive. Try to be free of all negativity, including fear, anger, rage, discouragement, hopelessness, etc. these are all emotions of the lower vibrations and cannot exist in these higher realms. If you are struggling with these emotions, call on me, Archangel Michael to remove them for you, and I will instantly be there.

Call on Source who is also ever loving you and ever near to free you of these lower energy vibrations which will prohibit you from existing or being in the higher realms.
You see these realms already exist in your world, the energies have been anchored into Mother Earth/Gaia’s body which is assisting in permanently anchoring these energies into your world.

It is up to you, now, to do all you can to raise your vibrations. Practice loving kindness towards yourself and others. Embrace compassion, forgiveness, and all virtues of loving kindness and light. If there are those you cannot forgive, ask us, Archangel Michael and Source, to help you forgive everyone, including yourself if needed.

We will instantly be there, every loving and ready to assist you. We of the angelic realm are messengers or liaisons between Source and humanity; part of our mission is to assist you in every way possible. So please take a moment each morning or evening to sit in quiet meditation and ask us to clear anything that is left inside you which may tether you to these lower energy vibrations.

You are all “ascending” (raising your frequencies, vibrations, and consciousness) and “attuning” into these higher dimensional energies which your planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, is now emitting. Gaia has transformed her body (the planet) into a 5th dimensional frequency and does exist now in this frequency.

You, as a human in a body upon earth, now must slowly and gradually or quickly if you wish, attune yourself to this higher frequency. So you see that this is a process that is happening gradually on its own, as the body does adjust to the frequencies of the earth naturally, and this process can be accelerated by you when you raise your frequencies and vibrations.

We love you all and welcome you into these higher realities and energies, on your eternal journey back to Source. All Beings are Emanations from the Source, and to this Source all will eventually return.
As we end this transmission, we impress upon you the unconditional love and support that we extend always to you, and are sending you much soft love and light.

Council of Angels and Archangel Michael.

© The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright when reposting this message.

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thank youuuuu...i am sitting here on my own and my body is connecting with golden light all over the room..the aura is beautiful

this is so true...welcome to 5th dimensional my fellow earthlings

i salut our Source for this wonderful feelings, the best i have ever felt

we are so so lucky to be here and for this i am so grateful..

namaste, in lak'ech

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