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I am just in awe right now of how the police are going friggen nuts these days. Perhaps it is due to the quick exchange of information and videos via the internet that makes it seem so wide spread, but oh my gosh the police force has really become hostile and brainless. 

This week on News 10 they had reported a swat team broke down the door of a man's home and held him for over 6 hours in handcuffs...he had three children in the home....a middle class home. The reason...his ex-wife had stopped making payments on her student loan.  When I first saw the news report the news broadcaster had said "something you will only hear from news 10". Well it took about 20 minutes and the video was eradicated and the news story gone. 

So here is a new story on video of police shooting a man in Miami. The man that filmed this on his phone was harnessed by the police and they smashed his phone. The guy filming it was able to save the memory card and get it loaded up.  Let's see how long this one stays up for. :o)


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Police in Brazil is very corrupted, but, to my surprise, there's a lot of corruption and abuse in the UK police as well. I think there are good and bad cops everywhere; the only difference is in the colour of their uniforms...


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